The Coral release new album Lockdown Sessions


The Coral

The Coral have announced the release of their new album Lockdown Sessions, Getintothis’ Siân Ellis spills the details.

 The Coral have released a brand new album, a collection of their Lockdown Sessions 

The band have been keeping busy throughout lockdown, much to the approval of their fans, having released their Live At Skeleton Coast album at the beginning of May.

Those of you who follow The Coral on social media may have seen a couple of Lockdown Sessions already, with posts including performances of original tracks Sandhills and Shadows Fall – as well as frontman James Skelly‘s recent collaborative performance of Dreaming of You with Blossoms.

As well as featuring stripped back versions of songs from throughout their career, the Lockdown Sessions album includes a cover of the Oasis track Married With Children, as well original unreleased songs One Road, Rhapsody, and Just Like Tears In The Morning.

New album releases this week: Jade Hairpins, Erland Cooper, Pins, Inventions, Mrs. Piss and more

 The album is now available on all digital platforms.

Full track listing of the album is as follows:

The Coral: Lockdown Sessions

  1. Liezah (Lockdown Sessions)
  2. Late Afternoon (Lockdown Sessions)
  3. Walking In The Winter (Lockdown Sessions)
  4. Shadows Fall (Lockdown Sessions)
  5. Bill McCai (Lockdown Sessions)
  6. Just Like Tears In The Morning (Lockdown Sessions)
  7. Rebecca You (Lockdown Sessions)
  8. Sandhills (Lockdown Sessions)
  9. Secret Kiss (Lockdown Sessions)
  10. Put The Sun Back (Lockdown Sessions)
  11. Rhapsody (Lockdown Sessions)
  12. One Road (Lockdown Sessions)
  13. Jacqueline (Lockdown Sessions)
  14. Married With Children (Lockdown Sessions)
  15. You and I (Lockdown Sessions)
  16. Calendars and Clocks (Lockdown Sessions)






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