Mason Owens reveals new single Dock Road – exclusive listen


Mason Owens

Mason Owens’ new track Dock Road will be available to download on all major platforms on May 29, Getintothis’ Sian Ellis has to details.

Liverpool-based Mason Owens has exclusively shared new track Dock Road with Getintothis.

It’s the third track to come from Owens following on from the release of his acoustic track Waiting For You, which featured in our Deep Cuts back in March.

Owens has recently signed to Liverpool based independent label Nifty Records, and takes inspiration from many renowned artists, such as The Beatles, John Martyn, The Stone Roses, Pink Floyd and Johnny Cash.

His music incorporates brutally honest lyrics drawing on his own past experiences, such as his time spent in HMP Elmley in Kent – where a large body of his work to date was written.

Owens’ new track Dock Road is a relatable song that pays tribute to the familiar shenanigans of a night out/morning after scenario, with melodic vocals that incorporate a rooted scouse twang.

The track follows an amusing story of a ‘comedown’, highlighting the narrator’s attempts to ‘sort their head out’ through various means.

Owens describes it as: “the feelings someone would experience after the realisation of the activities they got up to on the previous night’s substance fuelled adventure”.

Though the lyrics are humorous, their honesty is accompanied by a tuneful soundtrack that carries a catchy acoustic rhythm; with added drumbeats and a short guitar solo to give it a subtle dynamic quality.

With all of his previous releases and live performances being purely acoustic arrangements, Owens hopes that Dock Road will: “give people an insight into the potential the songs have with a full band which is the direction I will be going with all future releases”.

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Dock Road was recorded remotely and in unattended sessions at What Studio Liverpool, by both Owens and producer Stephen Cole. Those of you who tune into our Getintothis Live sessions on Facebook will have seen Cole’s appearance last month.

Speaking on the struggles of recording during the COVID-19 crisis, Owens said: “It was a strange process as I was never actually in a studio and had to send the individual parts over to Stephen Cole for him to mix together.

“Because I couldn’t be there, Ste recorded the drums for me in his studio and re-recorded my bass line to achieve a better tone”.

Owens, who has been playing guitar and writing music since his early teens, also admitted: “I don’t really enjoy recording/producing myself and would much prefer working in a studio as problems can be overcome a lot easier but all the messaging back and forth was worth it in the end”.

On a lighter note, Owens stated that he thinks it’s important that people keep creating whenever possible during the lockdown, he (rightly) said: “This is especially true of music, in my opinion, which has the ability to lift peoples’ spirits through difficult times. Ste did a great job mixing the track to my specifications (especially under the circumstances) and I hope people enjoy it”.

Dock Road will be available to download on all major platforms on May 29.




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