Everything Everything share new single and details of 5th album


Everything Everything

Everything Everything are back with a new single alongside news on their next album, Getintothis’ Danni King has all the details. 

After arriving back onto the music scene in April with new song In Birdsong, Everything Everything have announced plans for their 5th studio album.

Highly-anticipated album Re-Animator will be released on August 21, and a teaser of what’s to come was released last week in the form of single Arch Enemy.

Arch Enemy followed the popularity footsteps of last month’s In Birdsong, also being premiered as Annie Mac‘s Hottest Record in the World.

Re-Animator has been in the works for over a year, with the album’s creative process focusing on harmonies and melodies over synths and programming.

The inspiration for the record is taken strongly from frontman Johnathan Higgs’ fascination with psychologist Julian Jaynes’ theory of the bicameral mind.

The theory focuses on early human revolution, stating that to begin with, the human brain consisted of two parts which operated independently.

This idea of the divided self captrivated me”, stated Higgs. Jaynes’ attributes this to the origin of gods, people ascribing deity status to this voice they could hear in their head.

All this blew my mind, and i started thinking of ways I could make this a central concept. It really touched me.

So, across the whole record there are millions of references to this theory – to having a split brain, two selves, hearing voices.”

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Fittingly, the album emerged in two parts, firstly an entire year of writing and demoing, followed by two weeks of recording and producing at RAK last December with producer John Congleton. 

Congleton encouraged the band record quickly, resulting in a looser sound which focuses on the fundamentals of songwriting.

Lead single Arch Enemy channels all the energy the band have put into the new record, with contrasting sounds and obvious references to Higgs’ inspirations.

The album is available for pre-order. the single is out now.

Re-Animator track-listing:
1. Lost Powers
2. Big Climb
3. It Was A Monstering
4. Planets
5. Moonlight
6. Arch Enemy
7. Lord Of The Trapdoor
8. Black Hyena
9. In Birdsong
10. The Actor
11. Violent Sun




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