Unknown Pleasures #188 ft Ecstatic Vision, Moon Panda, Mind Rays


Ecstatic Vision

It’s time to dive beneath the surface of the mainstream and discover three deepwater pearls as Getintothis’ Will Whitby unfurls some Unknown Pleasures.

There are 30 million tracks on Spotify, 50 million on Apple Music and 40 million on Deezer.

Upon doing a bit of research I found that to listen to every song on Spotify would be an impossible task, of which I shall divulge more details below:

Assuming every track is on average about 4 minutes a song, to listen to all 30 million of them without eating, sleeping or doing literally everything else would take quite a long time.

To be (nearly) exact it would take 120 million minutes which is 2 million hours or 83,333 days or just over 228 years.

Even if you committed yourself to only listening to music 18 hours a day and filling in the other six hours with menial things like food and sleep it would still take over 304 years.

You’d think with so much music on offer it would be easy to find the next big thing. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes the main problem when trying to find new artists is that there is just so much music!

You often find yourself succumbing to the machine and trailing through artificially made playlists with none of the bands hitting the spot and Spotify just always eventually leading you back to Drake anyway.

But with Unknown Pleasures this week we’re aiming to offer you a helping hand and doing some of the hard work for you. Three new tracks that we think are boss and that are fresh as daisies handpicked from the near-infinite expanse of online sound.

In issue 188 we have some volcanic acid rockers to blast your psyche away, some intergalactic dream poppers to shoot your stars off and some Belgian post-punkers to blow your speakers to kingdom come.

Let’s get the ball rolling for Unknown Pleasures #188

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Ecstatic Vision: Shut Up And Drive

Philadelphia incendiary acid rockers Ecstatic Vision are first up with their new track Shut Up And Drive taken from their new album For The Masses released via HPS Records on September 20.

The track’s pulsating riffs flow vigorously through this 7-minute epic as visions of speeding through the desert, sky-diving into a volcano and battling a crocodile are conjured in the track’s psychedelic wake.

The group have been around since 2015’s tribal LP Sonic Praise, their new album is a sculpted, trippy synth, funkadelic, psychedelic wonderland.

Turn this band up and turn them up loud.

Moon Panda

Moon Panda: On The Attack

Woozy rhythms mix with dusty synths and echoey vocals take the listener on a tripped out journey into parts unknown on Moon Panda‘s On The Attack.

Lyrically it talks of the struggles of long-distance relationships but sonically it sounds like the protagonist’s distant lover might be living on Mars.

The video for it is pretty mind-bending too with trippy animations of octopi, bear traps and infinite deserts being created by Hamburg animator Charlotte Spies.

The Californian/Danish duo have announced their debut EP Pastel Pools and these dreamy guitar poppers are for fans for those who like it mellow with it sparking inspirations of Tame Impala, St Vincent and Feist.

Mind Rays

Mind Rays: Maker’s Remorse

In-your-face, cause-a-riot, post-punk bursts into Unknown Pleasures with Belgium’s hottest export since De Bruyne’s right foot – Mind Rays with their new track Maker’s Remorse.

It’s polished yet still has a punky grit to it as furious garage punk and snarling guitars bit throughout this short but sweet track.

It’s only 74 seconds, blink and you’ll miss it but see its there and you might have your new favourite band. The video is a lot of fun too, what’s not to like?

For fans of The Sonics and Sleaford Mods, they have their album Course Of Action out via PNKSLM Recordings on October 25.




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