Tea Street Band, I See Rivers: The Shankly Hotel, Liverpool


The Tea Street Band

As The Tea Street Band play their third home gig within a week, Getintothis’ Kevin Barrett took in the sights as well as the sounds. 

It’s a very different experience for all at tonight’s gig. A midweek outing in town for live music doesn’t normally come presented with stunning decor such as we see here at The Shankly Hotel.

But tonight, is a special night for the Signature Live Sessions gathering, and the scene is staged fittingly for The Tea Street Band to play main host in these picturesque surrounds.

First up to the stage we are welcomed by Tenby based band, I See Rivers. The all-female trio originally hailing from Norway have 2 EP releases to their name to date, although on tonight’s evidence they won’t be waiting around for too long for further offerings.  

Starting their set with I Don’t Know from this summer’s EP Play It Cool the band are instantly likeable, similar traits to the likes of First Aid Kit there’s a melodic allure to their sound, with delicacy in the vocals, backed by keys, a single floor tom drum, and lead guitar all working in tandem creating a beautiful harmony of country folk.

Softly spoken between song, they mention how the city of Liverpool is the most important city to the band having all studied here at LIPA, this receiving great appreciation from the now filling audience.

After inviting the crowd to join in with the songs, the trio then took the music into the audience. The floor forming a circle in the centre of the room for I Think I like You, a delightfully intimate moment.

Closing their set with the EP title track Play it Cool, their brand of impassioned folk with the added woozy base would be very much attuned for a larger stage.

Tonight, isn’t just about the music, we are greeted at the door to ask if we’d like to contribute to a fantastic cause. The work Signature Living and Lawrence Kenwright are doing for the homeless and vulnerable of this city is nothing short of magnificent, the Cotton Street homeless shelter project will be the recipient of these donations, and long may the support continue for this cause.


This being helped tonight by the winning auction bid for Timo Tierney to play a one-off gig in the highest bidder’s living room.

So, it’s time for Timo, Nico, Dom & Lee to take the stage. The band are now in the midst of their headline UK tour, following release of album number two, the much-acclaimed Frequency. This being their third gig in Liverpool within the space of six days following last week’s double header at District.

Wasting no time to get things off to a flyer, Summer Dreaming is first up from their eponymous debut, followed by Frequency’s Sacré Coeur.

For a band that has played almost every available space in the city where a stage can fit, they still bring a freshness and love for what they do which resonates throughout the venue and audience.

The Tea Street Band are the band of the minute, the lads from Liverpool receive an adulation from their acolytes that’s currently unrivalled in the city. Each member of the audience is hanging onto every beat and lyric, so much so there’s a big family feel to the night here on the top floor overlooking the city’s skyline.


Marseille Blues and Disco Lights are individually two great songs, played after one another is a gift.

It’d usually be odd for a band with a new LP release to close their set with a cover, but Donna Summer’s I Feel Love attributes perfectly for tonight’s atmosphere.

No encore from the band here, but for a Wednesday night in November this crowd has gone home more than sated with what they have just experienced.

Images by Getintothis’  Lucy McLachlan & Kevin Barrett




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