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Dead Meadow

Dead Meadow

Another week overflowing with top new tunes, Getintothis’ Matthew Wood is on hand with the freshest meat on offer.

Single of the Week

Dead Meadow – Unsettled Dust

Stoner rockers Dead Meadow are set to release ninth studio album The Nothing They Need this month, and their delicious mix of 70’s metal and gurgling psychedelics still hasn’t passed any sell by date.

As with most of the Washington, D.C. trio’s compositions, Unsettled Dust builds around a heavily repeated lick, sucking you into their conjured whirlwind; in this case, a whirlwind dusty from the sun-scorched desert rock they pay homage to here.

You can feel the human energy pulsing through each of Dead Meadow’s records, retaining a liberating freedom to their playing style, well oiled, but unique character shows through a willingness to explore and expand their sound.

They’re currently touring the USA but hopefully they’ll be taking a trip to Europe sometime soon, keep ’em peeled.

New JrNirvana

Producer and artist Joseph Mott has etched himself into the Liverpool electronica scene with his deft genre fusions and unbounded approach.

His new pseudonym, New Jr, combines cutting-edge elements of hip-hop, as heard from the likes of Frank Ocean and Chance The Rapper, with vocal layering and synth work akin to James Blake. 

Nirvana is satisfyingly glitchy, Mott’s auto-tuned, stylish vocal boasts quintessential RnB traits as the track chops and changes, sax samples and other effects coming into play throughout. As a producer he’s a class act and Nirvana gleams with a master’s touch.

BellyShiny One

Belly return after 23 years with a full length studio record. Led by Breeders member Tanya Donelly, the Rhode Island quartet will release Dove later this year.

Shiny One resonates with 90’s nostalgia with swaggering, baggy drum beat and heavy chugs of guitar. Donelly’s vocals are somewhat muffled in the mix, letting the instrumental energy take the over, recalling the Stone Roses and Placebo simultaneously.

They’ll be hitting up The Ritz in Manchester on June 12.

King TuffRaindrop Blue 

Garage rocker and former member of Ty Segall’s backing band, The Muggers, King Tuff has kick started 2018 with much purpose.

Raindrop Blue is a saucy number, rife with massive riffs, seductive grooves and super tight drum fills. Tuff sings of his beloved, “You were just like flowers, blooming in my tears” all the while giving his baby blue motorcar a good ol’ polish.

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Elbow grease is indeed the fuel on the fire as bursts of emotive guitar coincide with the comedic sweeps across the car bonnet.

GengahrBurning Air

Where Wildness Grows came out last week and here’s the new single from the euphoric psych merchants, Gengahr.

Burning Air demonstrates their versatility, surrounding a wonky drum pattern with explosive guitar work and intermittent vocal delivery.

It’s a step aside from their dreamy brushstrokes and a step onto a more aggressive, angular path.

Eli Smart Lonely Girl

At just 18 years old, Eli Smart made the long haul journey from Hawaii to the Merseyside shores, following his musical dreams and moving in all the right circles to become a success story.

A clear guitar wiz, Smart blitzes through super tasty riffs with ease, shredding in good old rock and roll fashion.

For one so young he boasts great song crafting skills, and if he’s to sharpen his teeth anywhere, Liverpool is a fine choice of location. Welcome to the ohana, Eli.

 HabibiNedayeh Bahar

Brooklyn-based outfit Habibi, which translates to ‘my baby’ in Arabic, blend their undying love for garage-psych and girl group harmonies with lead vocalist Rahill Jamlifard’s Persian heritage.

Nedayeh Bahar, a Farsi phrase meaning ‘spring call‘, is an inviting listen. Rumbling toms and surf-psych guitars charm the listener and prove a real treat, particularly for fans of Hinds and Allah-Las and their professionally amateur approach.

Jamlifard’s understated vocals span both English and Farsi, a beautiful language that sounds thoroughly at home amid a jangly guitar solo.




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