Introducing: Powersolo, The Fossa, The Swingin’ Bricks

Just on the right side of geek - Powersolo

Just on the right side of geek – Powersolo

Casting his net far and wide, Getintothis’ Del Pike has the lowdown on three bands who couldn’t be more different.

First up are Powersolo, the bonkers Danish Brothers (Kim and Bo) are playing a rare Liverpool gig this evening (March 3) supported by Liverpool’s Swingin’ Bricks.

Their sound is difficult to pin down, as is their overall outlook. We caught up with Kim to find out what shapes their strange music, “Everything from my personal demons to daily life is influencing the music. But also, music, film and art. I like old western movies.

Their journey has been long and strange, and we ask Kim to explain, “Because we wanted to play music and make a living of it. We wanted to be free. Free to do what we want. Create. it is like you say, a journey.  There are NO frontiers. We love rockabilly music! I think every town should have at least one really good rockabilly band and we are Looking forward seeing The Swingin’ Bricks!

Powersolo may sound familiar to fans of shows like American Horror Story and True Blood as they have provided tracks for both. They will be embarking on a spring tour before working on their new album.

The brothers will be playing at The Legion of Lost Souls (formerly Bumper), Liverpool on March 3.

The Fossa - Credit: Facebook

The Fossa [Credit: Paula Ramsay]

And so to The Fossa, hailing from Skelmersdale, not a place that you would normally associate with great music, but chatting to guitarist Jack Nunes it becomes clear that they have the right attitude to shake things up. “We are just normal lads who work hard with jobs and Uni through the week. Then sort of live for the weekend when we usually have gigs or get together for a drink and a few laughs. We’re very ordinary with big plans for the future.”

The band have got a fresh sound which Jack describes as “easy listening”, but with influences ranging from Dave Grohl through The Strokes to The Stone Roses, their live sound can’t be that easy. They’re not afraid to throw a few covers into their show either while they build up a catalogue of self-penned material. “We are very much enjoying creating new material and just hanging out with a few bevies doing what we love“.

Based on George (below) there is a definite sense of the attitude of some young Arctic Monkeys going on. Not a bad thing. Skem is only up the road, so keep your ears open for The Fossa, you won’t regret it.

Their debut EP What’s That? is available via their Facebook page


The Swingin Bricks - Good Rockin' tonight

The Swingin Bricks – Good Rockin’ tonight

The Swingin’ Bricks are something of a revelation themselves. When they are not playing the pubs and music bars of our city’s suburbs, Waterloo’s Stamps Too is a favourite haunt, they are providing some much-needed rockabilly at festivals and theme nights. We saw them last year at Mike Badger’s Action Packed event at The Magnet, playing alongside Lisa Marie Rose, The Yellow Belly Stragglers, Mike Badger’s Shady Trio, Furious and the legendary Stray Cats drummer and vocalist Slim Jim Phantom.

Fronted by Keith Thompson, and ably supported by double bassist Darryl Hanton and drummer George Hitchmouth, the band eschew the expected quiffs and leathers and look more like trailer park boys with their goatees and hats. They’re not just a tribute band either, mixing their own tunes with the more predictable but no less welcome covers.

The Swingin’ Bricks pretty much play the circuit constantly but are at their best at rockabilly nights where they can fully play to their crowd. It’s pretty certain that the Powersolo crowd will devour them.




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