The Orielles, The Mysterines: HUS, Liverpool

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The Orielles

Witnessing the wonder of two bands with an already growing fan base, Getintothis’ Ryan Craig ventured into a fresh new social space for the first time.

It was a night of new here on Tithebarn Street, new venue, new Bido Lito! Social and of course, new music.

At the site, the voguish vibes given off by the contemporary gig space HUS were saved only for the main room. Deep downstairs housed a basement that can be summed up in two words – acid house.

Appearing like the kind of place that would host illegal raves in the early 90s, playing deep in to the night and having people wear glow sticks. But that was not the case for tonight as instead it was The Mysteries who were to kick off the evening with their prog rock influences.

Already playing to a full room, the trio instantly announced themselves through some big and heavy riffs. Powering through song after song and carrying the audience with them throughout. Shouts of ‘that was boss!‘ only verified the gratification experienced from those listening.

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Cover stars, The Orielles, were now up on stage. Invited by the band to move closer, the crowd obliged as each person took two steps nearer and rhythmic beats then filled the air. Guitarist Henry Wade seemingly became entranced by their own sound, swaying with eyes closed, mouth open, as if in some profound euphoric state.

Guitar play was naturally the centre piece of the music, with everything else strategically placed around it as if to see just how layers could be added to the already psychedelic-dripping garage rock.

With the last song now upon us, The Orielles clearly saved one of their best for last. A 10 minute long trip with many twists and turns, distortions, tempo ups and then downs, wild drumming, guitar strumming, dominant then subdued vocals.  An organised chaos. Something that takes great skill not only to do, but to do it well – that’s The Orielles.

Pictures by Getintothis’ Warren Millar




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