M.I.A. premiers new single and video for Go Off

M.I.A. has revealed new single Go Off - pic courtesy of artist's Facebook Page

M.I.A. has revealed new single Go Off – pic courtesy of artist’s Facebook Page

M.I.A. drops her new single and reveals it will be from her last album for sometime, GetintothisJanaya Pickett reflects on her latest unapologetic statement of intent.

The incomparable M.I.A. has unveiled new single Go Off from her forthcoming album A.I.M. – her last for the foreseeable future.

M.I.A., aka Mathangi ‘Maya’ Arulpragasam premiered the track on Annie Mac‘s BBC Radio 1 show revealing she produced the song in collaboration with Skrillex and Blaqstarr.

Go Off is an unapologetic statement on M.I.A.‘s politically charged output which is likely to once again stir up discussion while spreading her uncompromising message through her characteristic blend of hip hop and avant garde world music. In the lyrics she reassures listeners that she feels as strong as ever, perhaps hinting that her step back from the limelight is not because she is being quieted, but because of a need to collect herself and reflect.

After directing over 1000 extras in her last video BordersGo Off is completely stripped back depicting exploding desert landscapes being molded into reservoirs. There is abstract symbolism at work with her middle eastern heritage and the explosions which she has caused herself with her outspoken views on everything from feminism, to refugees, war, racism and political corruption.

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She’s had her access to the US restricted on a number of occasions throughout her career, soured relationships with international media outlets and been labelled a terrorist sympathiser yet she fails to back down in the belief that she should use her platform to promote human rights.

Although she’s “not messing with human beings right now” she’s happy that Labour leader Jeremy Corybn recently followed her on Twitter.

A.I.M. is released September 9, listen to Go Off below.




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