Unknown Pleasures #86 ft. Natten, IAN SWEET, Slaughter Beach


IAN SWEET (Photo: Eleanor Petry)

Swedish ‘psykonautdisko’, scatty Brooklyn rock ‘n’ roll and delectable Danish dream-pop are all featured in the latest edition of our regular new music round-up from Getintothis’ Patrick Clarke.

That golden space between gloom and groove is a glorious place to be, and its exactly where we find Stockholm collective Natten on their new record Dolce Vita, a genre they self-proclaim as psykonautdisko.

Though they find plenty of opaque space to recline into drifts of unnerving ambience, it’s when the group hit a trench of throbbing, dub-hinting bass that they hit a supreme stride. Flying with effortless momentum, drifts of whacked-out sax and twisted vocals complete a kaleidoscopic cauldron of dance, psych, kraut and dub.

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Brooklyn trio IAN SWEET, finally, release their debut LP Shapeshifter in September, their first since expanding singer Jilian Medford‘s solo project IAN to a full-fledged band. Slime Time Live, taken from the recordis a delectably scatty introduction, leaping from spiky, lurching verse to sweeping, sumptuous chorus with ease,and descending into a perfect storm of jabbing guitars for its final third.

Danish dream-pop trio Slaughter Beach, finally, find a sturdiness often left lacking in the genre on new single Glaze,a Cocteau Twins drift with a colossal chorus lent a wicked rhythmic spine for a final product to be adored.




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