Exclusive Premiere: Faroe Islands madcaps ORKA debut new video for Igulker

ORKA (Photo by Beinta á Torkilsheyggi)

ORKA (Photo by Beinta á Torkilsheyggi)

Freshly nominated for the Scandinavian equivalent of the Mercury Prize, Faroe Islands collective ORKA have premiered their brand new video, Getintothis’ Patrick Clarke has the exclusive first watch.

Fresh from a feature spot in our weekly new music column Unknown Pleasures, the phenomenal Faroe Islands collective ORKA have returned to Getintothis for an exclusive debut of their new video for Igulker.

We were falling over ourselves to heap praise on the collective, who include such well-monikered members among a rotating line-up as OktopusJón ‘G!neral Kuster’ Tyril, and, of course, Cow No. 63, back in UP79, heralding their “tough, minimalist techno at its most fantastically twisted,” and the new track continues that rich vein of form.

Igulker, the Faroese word for sea urchin, is a sparse, atmospheric listen backed with similarly desolate visuals of a hunting raven’s pass across a craggy Greenland landscape.

The band’s work has also seen them nominated for Scandinavia’s answer to the Mercury, the Nordic Council Music Prize, which has previously been awarded to Bjork. As the team behind the award say, ORKA have “changed the perception of music in the Faroe Islands markedly.”

As early as 2005, ORKA showed that they had the will, courage, and ability to create a completely new and completely different music concept from scratch,” they continue. “This first project was composed for and played using newly designed instruments made from anything from light fittings and fence posts to satellite dishes and air compressors.”

We’ll let the music do the rest of the talking.




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