Louis Berry, The Stamp: O2 Academy, Liverpool

Louis Berry (Photo by John Johnson)

Louis Berry (Photo by John Johnson)

As the Kirkby rock and roller Louis Berry returns home from recording in the States, Getintothis’ Nathan Scally sees a performer with all the swagger and confidence in the world.

Louis Berry is back from America. He’s just been recording some tracks for his upcoming album, but now he’s back, and tonight he means business. The crowd are dressed to the nines for the show. No one is messing about.

Rising Liverpool band The Stamp get the crowd moving before the main event. For a band as young as they are there’s no evidence of stage fright and they play with the comfort and swagger of a band with ten times their experience.

Now it’s time for the Kirkby man himself, the venue is packed full of punters anticipating a top show. Down front are a group ready for a party as Berry tries his best to keep them from taking off the roof. Echoes of support rattle around before the first note has even been struck. It’s clear a loyal fanbase has developed.

Louis Berry – I’m daring, I like to compete and strive to be the best

Bands are often described as being better in a live setting than in the studio, but Berry’s singles are a high enough quality already before the riffs vibrate through your body. Tracks 25 Reasons and .45 can only be described as sexy. In the dark, sweaty setting, Berry’s belters almost become musical Viagra.

The crowd are full of energy, everyone is bouncing about, getting their groove on to the funky rock blasting from stage. The band are feeding off from the energy, and rebounding it back.

His raspy voice compliments each track perfectly. Each track is something different you’ve heard nowhere before. This young man is something special and someone to keep your eye on, with as much potential as the likes of Miles Kane when he first burst onto the scene, just with a bit more oomph. He oozes confidence that he is the real deal.

For the slower tunes Laurie and Restless the mood in the crowd doesn’t dampen at all, in fact the people are still moving just as much. The only difference is those group down front are swaying more than bouncing.

Final song Rebel rounds up the show perfectly. ‘I don’t do encores,’ he exclaims just before letting loose and those in the building know not to waste a single second.

Before you know it, the show’s over, in what didn’t feel like long enough at all and smiling dripping faces begin to exit. Sadly it’s over, but the silver lining is there is surely more and more shows just like that to come in the near future.

Pictures by Getintothis’ John Johnson.




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