Martha Ffion, Fossils, Del Florida: The Shipping Forecast, Liverpool

Martha Ffion

Martha Ffion

Sunday night under the quiet streets of Liverpool lay a gem in the shape of Del Florida, Fossils and the main attraction of the evening Martha Ffion, Getintothis Lowri Grownow was left feeling they deserved a bigger crowd.

Escaping the miserable weather, the members of the audience gained a haven in the shape of The Shipping Forecast. Located in the basement of this popular venue, the small underground room struggled to pull a crowd. The exposed brick and intimately placed stage would appear to be a beacon for local music lovers, however many of them seemed to decide to stay at home that stormy, Sunday night.

The dwindling crowd seemed a shame as the acts served up an interesting array of musical styles. Del Florida were first on stage and offered a soulful set fronted by a quick fingered pianist with powerful vocals which set the pace for an evening of entertainment accompanied by cider. Fossils were next on stage and though their band consisted of few members they had a strong set list and their songs echoed the early music of the Kings of Leon.

The warm up acts joined the crowd to welcome Martha Ffion to the stage, who was accompanied by her band that had a quirky finesse. Rhythmic songs from her small library of music were received well by the crowd and her more well-known songs of So Long and Wallflower were played to the delight of those around who swayed along. Ffion’s Irish accent complimented the melodies creating an atmosphere of happiness and warmth, filling the room with upbeat, cheery music.

Unfortunately, Martha Ffion seemed to make a classical mistake of announcing to the audience her love for Newcastle only to instantly realise her mistake and back tracked claiming that Liverpool was a greater city. Soon forgotten, the band finished their set and after an enjoyable evening of dancing, on our way home we couldn’t help but think that all three acts deserved to have a bigger crowd.

Pictures by Getintothis’ Chris Flack.




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