Lying B*st*rds – Head To Tokyo


Lying BastardsFresh on the scene, Lying B*st*rds are showing early promise with their debut EP Habitual Sabotage as Getintothis Craig MacDonald finds out.

Lying B*st*rds are hatching from their shell with offerings that have made those in the know look up and take notice. The fledgling troop that makes up Lying B*st*rds is a mixture of members from Broken Men, 69 Watts, The Soul Rays, The Blowback Horns and Jimmy and The Revolvers. The influences from all bands can be heard when they come together to create their unpretentious accent.

The three tracks that make up their debut EP Habitual Sabotage released on Milk:Presents the amalgamation of funk, soul and blues elements that are drizzled over the lo-fi windfall. The lead track, Head To Tokyo, is a distorted hum that will put any fan of low fidelity into a state of euphoria.

A pleasantly lopsided track, it has an addictive riff running throughout that carries you through the journey. Broken MenHenry Pulps’ reverb heavy vocals blend in wholly with the sound of the track providing a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club feel at times. The lyrical idioms are distorted to merge into song and blend perfectly.

As the track builds it turns into a funked offspring of a clash between The Dandy Warhols and Primal Scream with the audio snippet that creeps in on top of the offbeat bass that bounces along. The song is coated in gifts for disciples of lo-fi as are the other tracks on Habitual Sabotage.

Having just played their first gig supporting Son Of Dave in the Kazimier this month (see the gallery below), the group are bewildering in the flesh adding brass parts to their live show. Lying B*st*rds are due to bring their delectable fracas to FarmFest in June when they play the Wirral based event. By then a few more lucky individuals may have caught up with the rest of us and spread the word of this blossoming tribe.

Pictures by Getintothis’ Matthew Thomas:




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