MYTHOPOEIA II: feat. Stealing Sheep, Hooton Tennis Club: The Kazimier, Liverpool

Mythopeoia in full swing at The Kazimier

Mythopeoia in full swing at The Kazimier

What a way to ring in the New Year, amid the tapestries and galaxies of Stealing Sheep’s Mythopoeia at The Kazimier, Getintothis’ Emma Walsh was there to see the galactic gods take to the stage.

It’s been quite the year for The Kazimier crew with the turmoil of uncertainty that hovered over Wolstenholme Square, the grand opening of new docklands venue The Invisible Wind Factory, as well as yet another mammoth year of superb gigs in both club and garden.

After all that they might have been forgiven for choosing to see in the New Year with their feet up and a glass of brandy, but thank the Gods they didn’t!

The call to party went out from Stealing Sheep to the “Interstellar celestial beings, men and women of the multiverse, children of the stars!” Mythopoeia had returned to mark the dawn of the new year in phenomenal style.

We’re pretty sure it’s safe to assume that the night was a similarly crazed blur for everyone in attendance, even on the mildly mind-altering influence of Aspall’s we were lost to an otherworldly carnival of the wacky, sublime and peculiar.

If the outlandish outfits of those huddled in the queues outside were not bizarre enough, the on stage ensembles were enough to knock the socks off.

Early on Hooton Tennis Club and The Harlequin Dynamite Marching Band warmed the garden up to balmy carousing degrees while indoors the Space Lab launched proceedings with some tomfoolery with the help of a morph-suited Barberos before Azores took to club’s dance floor with some tribal calypso rock.

But the absolute highlight, the show stopping spectacular of the night which formed the patchwork blur of images which graced our memories the following morning, came from Mythopoeia curators Stealing Sheep and their showcase of the galactic gods of the mythical solar system spinning above the dance floor.

From pineapple headdresses to giant hippo heads to the ethereal looking ram that oversaw the course of events from the balcony, things got more than a little bugged out from here on in. Even Jesus H Christ himself made an appearance. And let us not forget the laser boobs. Perhaps the lasting image of the evening.

With each god or goddess that graced the stage another globe on the overhead solar system burst to light until the midnight countdown began and The Kazimier erupted into absolute chaos. That chaos proceeded to invade the stage where revellers took over the whirl of madness Mythopoeia had instilled.

For the celestial beings and children of the stars, baptised by a wanderer who left his blue thumbprint swipe across their cheeks, The Kazimier Garden became the centre of the universe, radiating a beatnik sense of abandon to DJs Mellodigy.

Just how celestial and interstellar any of them felt the following afternoon is questionable but regardless… BEST NEW YEARS EVER.

Pictures by Martin Saleh:





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