Brian Harvey is tired, angry and sick of the music industry’s ‘weird paedophile world’

Brian Harvey smashes his platinum discs on YouTube - credit Brian Harvey/YouTube

Brian Harvey smashes his platinum discs on YouTube – credit Brian Harvey/YouTube

Former East 17 singer Brian Harvey delivers his 2015 address to the music industry.

Former East 17 singer Brian Harvey has shown his contempt for music industry by smashing up his platinum discs.

Harvey, 40, who once ran himself over, released a YouTube clip called ‘F**k the industry 2‘, with the caption: ‘This is what i think of you all. Fuck your record industry, and fuck your weird pedophile world. Fuck you.

The clip shows the 40-year-old walking down an alley with a friend and the plaque, telling the camera: “East 17 one million sales – this is what it means.”

He then proceeds to batter it against a bin, saying: “That’s what I think of you’re f***ing music industry.

Brian was the last singer of East 17 before being sacked for appearing to condone the use of ecstasy in a radio interview. The band sold an impressive 18 million records worldwide.

He later posts a video of himself picking up the smashed pieces insisting he’s a ‘peaceful person who picks his rubbish up.”

The clip comes a week after he met with Labour MP for Rochdale Simon Danczuk in parliament to share information he has gathered over the past year during his own investigation into historic child abuse.

Danczuk said: “He came across to me as a really thoughtful person. The reason we were meeting up is to discuss some work he’s done around child sex abuse. He was sharing the information that he had gathered. He feels quite passionately about protecting children and really wants to make a contribution.”

Recently, Harvey stormed Downing Street and demanded to speak to David Cameron while waving a ring binder in a burly security guard’s face.




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