Temples – the new band bringing psychedelic wonderment


Temples Band Shelter Song Golden Throne.jpg
Temples bring psychedelic wonder from Liverpool’s latest tripped out brotherhood connection.

It seems appropriate that the week that brought us the first Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia should be rounded off with a pouchful of new psych-pop diamonds.
Temples are a band that have been excitedly tripping off the tongue of many a folk over the last few months.
Based in London, and originally a duo, the circle is completed by Wirral’s cyclonic metronome Jack Prince.
And if ever a band were right for Prince, this is the vehicle, as the ex-Hot Melts drummer rolls his wrists and lets off some cavernous thwacking.
Elsewhere expect neo-psychrock, textured vocal harmonising and stellar grooves which would have been a perfect fit into the feast of riffs and kaleidoscopic textures featured at the Camp and Furnace last weekend.
Their early live shows have been the talk of the capital, expect an EP soon, but for now enjoy these little belters.




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