Cerebral Ballzy, Bendal Interlude, Smoking Hearts, Stereo Virgins: The Kazimier, Liverpool


Cerebral Ballzy live at the Kazimier Titus.jpg
Cerebral Ballzy bring DC punk mayhem to the sweat-soaked Kazimier, Getintothis’ Dru Ryder is powerless against the tidal wave of fury.

Cerebral Ballzy live at the Kazimier.jpg
Cerebral Ballzy live at the Kazimier
The Kazimier‘s balconies are dripping with sweat – the chaotic, spewing Cerebral Ballzy have left the building.
The band who formed in 2008, write about teenage boy’s favourite things: pizza, skateboarding and girls, and saturate their verbosity with an 80s DC flavoured hardcore edge.
In the build up to tonight’s show, ripped lead vocalist, Honor Titus exudes cool, sauntering around the Kaz, making his way in and out of the crowd with a bottle of Heineken, as the support acts warm up the audience for a night of outrageous chaos.
Tattoos, upturned caps and skinny jeans are a necessity, as Ballzy bring their hometown of Brooklyn along for the ride.
As the band swagger on to the stage with an unapologetic arrogance, proceedings become a full-throttle punk assault; kamikaze madness ensues as lyrical gush induces a heart-pumping and head-rushing experience.
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Cerebral Ballzy live at the Kazimier
Ballzy’s modus operandi is to create a delirious party painting a brutal picture of punk supremacy at its best. The mayhem was monstrous to say the least but wildly fun.
No matter what your musical preference, it’d be impossible to ignore the infectious rebellion that Cerebral Ballzy unleash. There’s nothing left to do but get inked up and dive right in.
Stereo Virgins live at the Kazimier.jpg
Stereo Virgins live at the Kazimier
Earlier, Stereo Virgins‘s lead vocalist Rachel blends soothing with a sinister, hypnotic edge while singing songs about witches – a world away from what was to follow: The Smoking Hearts.
Vocalist Ben Mills, whose Thor-like stature could intimidate even the most hardcore among us, has to be applauded for his incredible energy, jumping from every rafter possible with the microphone rope wrapped round his pulsing neck muscles.
Smoking Hearts live at the Kazimier.jpg
Smoking Hearts live at the Kazimier
A visual feast for the senses, Mills‘ apparent death wish, along with the roar of his voice and constant demands for rum and coke make their set an unforgettable experience.
Bendal Interlude live at the Kazimier.jpg
Bendal Interlude live at the Kazimier
We won’t lie, it took us a good 20 minutes to recover from the intensity of The Smoking Hearts and wipe the beads of sweat, formed from fear and amazement, off our foreheads.
The Bendal Interlude contradict their skate-punk image with a sophisticated technical verve marrying samples with bruising, smoky riffs like Sabbath duelling with The Floyd sending the crowd into fits of crazed excitement.
Smoking Hearts live at the Kazimier review.jpg
Smoking Hearts live at the Kazimier
Pictures by Conor McDonnell




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