Liverpool Sound City 2012: Day Two review round up


Bear In Heaven live at Liverpool Sound City 2012.jpg
Liverpool Sound City 2012 day two witnessed the good, the bad and the downright ugly – but GIT Award winners The Kazimier ensured there aint no party like a Kazimier Krunk party to finish an evening. Getintothis’ Peter Guy joined the fiesta.

Wanna know what Lou Ferrigno is up? He’s fronting super fine Brooklyn babes Bear In Heaven.
Or at least his super fine son is. Possibly. On a mind-shattering day of crazy scenes and aural awesomeness, it was of little surprise that come midnight, Getintothis would be stood in our favourite Liverpool tea shop, Leaf on Bold Street watching the Incredible Hulk’s doppleganger clad in a black vest, ripped to the nines, cranking out sex beat 80s dark electro as half of the city supped liquor like Prohibition was coming back in vogue. While vogueing.
Prancing the stage like a well-toned peacock with a full-time gym membership, Jon Philpot is quite the sight – the hulk in question – is quite the frontman; as visually arresting as he is slappable – he’s exactly what a popstar should be – oozing star quality, swagger off the scale and in control of a super-tight, super-scary, super-fine band who’s breezeblock slabs of electro gets the girls dancing and the boys eyeing them – all in wanting a piece. Beastly.
Earlier, the other end of the foxy scale, Oliver Tank showcased an understated, quite beautiful slice of echo-laded pop at the drizzly St Luke’s Bombed Out Church. Undaunted by the elements, Tank, wraps his wiry limbs round keys, guitar and a voice which needs to be heard to be appreciated – special, gift-wrapped for romantics.
Part of the appeal of Sound City is that you can waltz up the road, simply after a brew and suddenly you’re in a coffee shop witnessing a young buzz band boshing their brogues on the boards – and that’s just what unfolded when Getintothis stumbled across Spring Offensive in Bold Street Coffee.
Like librarians with Peter Crouch frontman doing the robot dance, this lot are quirky as hell but they probably refrain from that sort of language – let’s just agree and say they were flipping hot and frothy.
Still Flyinat Liverpool Sound City.jpg
Still Flyin at Liverpool Sound City
As were Still Flyin’ who injected a cowbell-assisted stomp in Mello Mello after Fiery FurnacesEleanor Friedberger‘s Fleetwood Mac-meets-Joni-Mitchell set which had photographers climbing atop of pianos just for a snap above the stifling heat. Melting Mello.
Temper Trap win the prize for blandest set for the masses – a packed Arts Academy had fans ogling outside for vantage points of this ultra-grey band who whipped out that big tune just as we were passing – timely.
Pond at Liverpool Sound City 2012.jpg
Pond at Liverpool Sound City 2012
White Denim, meanwhile, are twenty years out of time – the most technically gifted band in aeons, make me and the entire packed Kazimier cream their pants in unison blowing a load of superlative spunky rock, racket and roll all over us. Proper facial funness.
Screenadelica was once again the venue of choice for gnarly, experimental out-rock with distinctive highlights from Mind Mountain (epic, Goblin meets Comets on Fire) and Salem Rages, who blot their outstanding copy book by hypocritically dissing the hand that feeds them – slagging the festival you’re playing maybe rad with the relevant parties but it doesn’t wash with this head. Great set. Silly boy.
Getintothis rounds off a climactic day with super-rock swamp beat-outs from Pond before Kazimier’s Krunk Band bring the party to a chiming, conga-led climax. You know we love that lot, but there were Eastern Europeans tripping out of minds while hugging scalls in tracksuits – so it’s pretty much a pan-love-love-in.
We’d write more, but there’s one day to go and minds need rest before being blown entirely. Sound City Day Two: triumphantly over the top.
Salem Rages at Liverpool Sound City 2012.jpg
Salem Rages at Liverpool Sound City 2012
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