GIT AWARD 2012: The Tea Street Band on the GIT and new track Fiesta


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The Tea Street Band brought the good times to the GIT Award 2012 – they left with an army of new fans. Timo Tierney talks new album and new phuture to Getintothis after their triumphant offering.

It was quite a night last Friday at Leaf.
And five lads certainly made their distinct mark on the inaugural GIT Award 2012. The Tea Street Band may not have been a name on many people’s must-see list prior to the Award show – but they left an impression which ensured they’re now very much on any music-lover’s radar.
The mesmeric radiant escapism of new single Fiesta was many people’s highlights on a night of first-rate music – and coupled with the evident boundless enthusiasm on stage – ensured that joy was transported into the sea of people watching.
Getintothis caught up with guitarist Timo Tierney after the GIT Award.
Getintothis: What did you make of the GIT Award 2012?
Timo Tierney: ‘I thought it was organised brilliantly. For something that vast it ran really smoothly.
The place was checker with people from all different walks of life. Musicians, journos, photographers. Everyone in the room was enjoying the good vibe. Defo looking forward to next years… Already.’
Tea Street Bands' Dom at the GIT AWARD 2012.jpg
Tea Street Bands’ Dom at the GIT AWARD 2012.
Getintothis: What message did you think the GIT Award sent out?
Timo Tierney: ‘I think it passed the message out that with the right organisation and belief anything you want can be achieved in a small amount of time.
It also sent out the message that there are plenty of great Liverpool based bands or acts with lots to say.
‘Also that everyone gets on and there’s no animosity between anyone – a good message!’
Tea Street Bands' Nic at the GIT AWARD 2012.jpg
Tea Street Bands’ Nic at the GIT AWARD 2012
Getintothis: What were your highlights from the GIT Award 2012?
Timo Tierney: ‘Seeing everyone going off their heads to our music.
‘Giving us the belief that we don’t need to look or act a certain way to come across correctly.
‘Plus seeing loads of crazies going mad at the front… I also loved Bang On – he is sound!’
Tea Street Bands' James at the GIT AWARD 2012.jpg
Tea Street Bands’ James at the GIT AWARD 2012
Getintothis: Thank you so much for your music and good luck for the future – what’s next for you?
Timo Tierney: ‘We are focussed on recording an album. We have a massive gig at Sound City on May 19.
‘Its going to be insane. We are gathering the right momentum and the right team are in place. Dave Pichilingi is guiding the ship in the right direction.
‘Bring on the summer. We want to play to everyone who wants us to play for them. We want to make people feel good about themselves, fuck the recession, come and watch us and feel good about having no dollar.’
Meanwhile, listen to the TSB’s ‘sixth member’ Gary Cook‘s remix DJ set from their recent Phuture Sounds rave, below.

Tea Street Bands' Lee at the GIT AWARD 2012.jpg
Tea Street Bands’ Lee at the GIT AWARD 2012
For a full interview with the Tea Street Band read here.
Pictures by Marie Hazelwood.




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