Singles Club #62


Amadou and Mariam feat Santigold Liverpool.jpg
Mali duo Amadou and Mariam return with a belter courtesy of a little help from a friend. Elsewhere, Getintothis’ Neil Macdonald rakes through on a whole host of rubbish including Nicki Minaj woeful new effort.

Amadou and Mariam feat Santigold: Dougou BadiaSingle of the Week
A clear stand out track this week; filled with beauty, unusual sounds and rhythms that draw you in from the first chord. All delivered with the added bonus of Santigold‘s distinctive raspy howl. Highly recommended.

Nicki MinajStarships
Can you imagine how annoying it would be if Nicki Minaj was your friend, if every question was met with a near-unintelligible stream of faux rap nonsense? Well that’s what this song is. Picture the most annoying noise in the world and you’re not far off.

Justice: On ‘N’ On
This sounds like a song Peter Gabriel tried on for size back in the day before deciding it wasn’t worth the effort. You keep waiting for something to happen, but nothing does.

Lisa Hannigan: What’ll I Do
A pleasant voice and interesting tune. If she gets the right material, I get the feeling the obviously-talented Hannigan will stand out from the crowd, but this song – while interesting – isn’t quite it.

Charlie Simpson: Farmer and His Gun
There’s more than a hint of Van Morrison about this and that’s no bad thing. Charlie Simpson is having a go and deserves credit for that.

Thirteen: D.H.B.C.S.I.A.W.D
My student band at Uni was better than this bilge, and that’s really saying something. Like a bad Pearl Jam tribute band on a third-rate cruise liner.
(To be fair the video is a corkerSingles Club ed)

Ellen and the Escapades: All The Crooked Scenes
Think the Last Shadow Puppets mixed with Suzanne Vega – enjoyable guitar riffing.

The Wildmercury Sound: Slow
How are you finding the winter? It’s cold and its cold and its cold,’ is an actual lyric from this song. No, really. Half-decent guitars though.

Jumping Ships: Movers and Shakers
This Brighton-based indie four-piece played the Shipping Forecast on Friday, shame we missed it as they were probably well worth a watch. I enjoyed this alot.

The Darlingtons: Bats
5/10. No more than that and let down by the vocals.

Dot Rotten: Are You Not Entertained
I said God Dayyyammm! This is an out of the box, straight up crowd pleasing smash hit. Boom! I am definitely entertained.




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