Forest Swords does Kim Kardashian in Chicago Hotel


Forest Swords delivers a festive treat with two fresh reality TV-inspired grooves.

It’s in keeping with Matt Barnes‘, (aka Forest Swords), down-low way of working that he’d drop two new tunes on a dismal Monday evening in December.
Though the inspiration for these new tunes – and the music that lies within – is in stark contrast to what we’ve come to expect.
Gone are the widescreen visions seemingly set to his home town’s coastal panoramas, in place are icy, isolated grooves scored while cooped up in Chicago hotel rooms watching US reality TV. Namely Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Being Bobby Brown. No wonder, there’s a sense of desolation.
On his Facebook page he backs up this feeling of discontent, telling us: ‘Made in a heavy flu haze/ reality television/ online / tinnitus mind warp meltdown. Sweat it out with me.
Happy days, listen away…
ARE YOU SEEING HER by dyymondofdurham
BORDER HEIGHT by dyymondofdurham
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