Mad Professor Meets Sir Coxsone Outernational: District, Liverpool


Sir Coxsone

Positive Vibration brought another night of great reggae to District, Getintothis’ Mark Holt was there for an amazing night.

First up was Rory Taylor playing a stunning selection of deep melodic roots reggae.

His track selection and mixing skills were simply masterful with some quality beat matching and every track seemingly perfectly in key to the previous. Rory, we need some mixes off you for home my friend..

Next up was the legendary Sir Coxsone Outernational with Lloyd Coxsone himself, DJ Felix and Culture B on the selecting and mic duties.

As can only be expected from a sound system that is revered throughout the reggae community, the music was pure nostalgia. Every bass line, horn stab and effect handled with pure perfection.

This really was a bucket list item to cross off our musical list!!

The Mad Professor arrived, had everything set up and ready to rumble.

One thing that can be said about the Professor is he knows how to take an already great vibe and turn the energy right up. He started his slot with the same wonderful roots style as his illustrious peers and then brought it slowly up to the present technological wizardry using his well honed studio mastery.

The production seemed effortless as well as flawless and when he dropped some Drum and Bass tunes the dancefloor really caught fire with the crowd loving every second of it.

The guys then brought on a young vocalist by the name of Molara Awen whose vocals were as perfect as the sounds the Professor was creating. Just a wonderful, wonderful night of insanely good reggae music.

The big surprise of the evening turned out to be the attendance of Reggae, Reggae Sauce’s very own Levi Roots, resplendent in a tuxedo from his previous commitment.

Of course Levi was once part of Sir Coxsone’s sound for a while and it was good to see him up on stage and take a bow. We spoke to him briefly later in the evening and he’s a very warm approachable guy. It was good to see him in Liverpool.

Vile Assembly’s Paul Mason on taking to the streets in protest

In conclusion, if you love reggae and need a night out listening to pure quality vibes then any Positive Vibration organised event is a must do on your calendar, but we just can’t praise the atmosphere in District enough.

A mixed crowd of all ages with a friendly, inclusive and energetic feel.

It was simply one of the best night outs in Liverpool for an age and we can’t emphasise enough how much their next events need to be supported and attended.

Images by Getintothis’ Mark Holt




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