Epstein Statue campaign launches: the fifth Beatle to be honoured


Epstein Statue Launch

The Brian Epstein statue project was officially launched today, Getintothis’ Peter Goodbody was there to hear the plans.

Liverpool is full of markers to The Beatles.

There’s a statue on Mann Island, there’s a museum in Albert Dock and there are any number of taxi or bus trips you can take to follow in the steps of the Fab Four.

But it seems there’s an omission to their legacy.

There’s precious little devoted to the man who made them. Where’s the statue or plaque for Brian Epstein?

That’s why there’s a dedicated team attempting to right this perceived wrong.

The Brian Epstein Statue Project Committee have a wealth of experience and expertise across public art, theatre, and the local Beatles industry.

Collectively they have a strong desire to bring this project to a successful conclusion.

Today’s presentation saw a mock up of a potential bust by artist Andy Edwards and words by project leader Tom Calderbank: “We’re thrilled and very excited to unveil plans for a long overdue statue of the “fifth Beatle” Brian Epstein in his hometown of Liverpool.

“We aim to create a unique, beautiful and lasting sculptural tribute to Brian – a world first for one of the world’s great creative individuals”.

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Sculptor Andy Edwards has already been commissioned. He is responsible for The Beatles piece we’re already familiar with on Mann Island, so he seems like the perfect guy for the job.

There’s a Crowd Funding site in the usual place if you want to get involved.

Images by Getintothis’ Peter Goodbody




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