The Snuts talk festivals, recording their debut album in New York and making it in England


The Snuts (Credit: Rosie Matheson)

The Snuts are part of the current guitar band renaissance and Getintothis’ Lewis Ridley spoke to frontman Jack Cochrane as they prepare to release their debut album.

There’s something stirring in Scotland.  Guitar music is on the rise, and is fronted by bands like The Snuts.

The Snuts have gone from underground West Lothian guitar band, to playing on the main stage at Scotland’s premier music festival TRNSMT, and they’re bound for greater things still.

Their slot at Glasgow Green last month was just one of a number of big festival performances for the band, who have had a busy 2019, according to lead singer and guitarist Jack Cochrane.

At the time Getintothis spoke to him, both interviewer and interviewee were coming down off the back of a weekend at Kendal Calling“We played Y Not on the Saturday, and then Kendal Calling on the Sunday, so it was another busy one.”

“It’s been busy since the sun came out to be honest, we’re in the middle of it all because we’ve got some Reading and Leeds still to come, and the week before that we’re in Portsmouth for Victorious Festival, so it’s been a bit mental.”

It’s fair to say a date in Portsmouth for a Scottish band is less than common.

Traditionally, Scottish bands can find it difficult to reflect their impact at home in England.

Bands like The View have struggled before, but Jack believes the strength of Scottish music right now means things are changing: “Touring in England when you start out makes a huge difference, it allows people to be part of stuff they see on social media – the crowds, everyone having a good time.”

“Your live performances are always your best promo – so when we see videos that fans have taken of the crowd bouncing, we love it.”

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The band recently posted on Twitter that they’re looking for three up and coming Scottish bands to support them on their Scottish tour dates later this year.

“We’ve benefitted so much from supporting the likes of The View and The Sherlocks, we’re so grateful for that and we want to try and do the same for some younger bands.

I’ve got 200 bands to listen to now, and a spreadsheet of 3 pages. It’s gonna be really difficult to narrow down but I want everyone to know that we’re gonna keep record of everyone that applies and hopefully we can help them in the future.”

This has taken off so well that The Snuts are considering opening up the offer for some of their other tour dates, but Jack is mindful of the makeup of a gig lineup.

“Local support from the city you’re in is important, and we do try and get bands from the cities that we’re playing in to come on with us.

But it’s also important to get young bands away from home and new people listening to them, to give them new opportunities.”

The Snuts

As for the band themselves, they’re currently working tirelessly on their debut album in New York: “We came off stage at TRNSMT and flew to New York pretty much straight away.”

Developing a style with their debut EP and subsequent single releases, the band are keen to challenge themselves with new sounds on their debut LP.

“The producer we’re working with is really quite different, and he has a lot of hip hop and alternative influences. We want to prove to ourselves as much as anything that we can do something different.”

“We’ve always been like that as a band,” Jack said, “We want each song to be fresh and exciting, so the album will feature a few risks.”

“You’ve only got one chance to record your debut album, so we want it to be big. We’ve a few ideas for a title and stuff but we’re not just gonna put it out, we want it to be big and different.”

The Snuts come to Liverpool as part of their UK tour in September.

Having played The Shipping Forecast in 2018, they know what it means to come to the city.

“We love Liverpool because of how proud and loyal the people are, they love their music and they’re right to have high standards.

So when you come on a Wednesday night like we did you know that the people there are there to be impressed.”

That said, we’re really looking forward to the Saturday date at The Arts Club because we can get our mates down. We’re gonna stick around afterwards so I reckon it’ll be some party.”

Liverpool can expect an influx from North of the Border, but they won’t be there just to cheerlead: “We have about 20 mates that follow us all over, and they’re probably our most important critics in the studio too.

Music is full of a lot of yes people, so it’s good to have people around you keeping you in check.”

They can do so when The Snuts play Liverpool’s Arts Club on their UK tour on Saturday, September 14

Full tour dates are:

  •  September 12 – Sunderland, Independent
  • September 13 – Sheffield, Leadmill
  • September 14 – Liverpool, Arts Club Loft
  • September  16 – Birmingham, Institute 3
  • September 17 – Southampton, Joiners
  • September 18 – Brighton, Green Door Store
  • September 19 – Exeter, Cavern
  • September 21 – Stoke, Sugarmill
  • September 27 – Motherwell, Concert Hall
  • October 4 – Dundee, Fat Sam’s
  • October 5 – Aberdeen, Beach Ballroom
  • October 13 – Paisley, The Spree Festival
  • October 21 – Manchester, YES Pink Room
  • October 22 – London, Scala
  • October 24 – Belfast, Voodoo
  • October 25 – Dublin, Grand Social




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