Man and The Echo, Niki Kand: Phase One


Man and The Echo

Man and The Echo came to Liverpool to launch their new album, Getintothis’ Megan Walder went to check them out.

Supporting was Niki Kand, as a Getintothis Deep Cuts alumnus it’s fair to say Kand is very much admired on Merseyside.

Alone on stage she cuts an enchanting figure, combining grace and power to produce a slick set again. A subtle aperetif ahead of the main course.

Then, Man and The Echo keyboardist Chris tells a sparse crowd to get back inside. He said the main act will be on in 5, and the room flooded.

The bar, smoking area and record shop were abandoned.

Kids were in front of me, senior citizens to the right and to my left was just a drunk middle aged guy. Imagine a family get together, if your family were actually talented that is.

With their socially critical outlook, wit and incredible musicianship, the band produce something that nods back to bygone eras and leaps into the future.

Peter Hook and the Light to play Liverpool Shankly Hotel rooftop

My personal highlight was witnessing Capable Man sang live, by four white guys. Imagine having the social awareness to tear down your counterparts.

With such a well articulated, funny production, this is a song that tells toxic masculinity and those that embody the traditional male role to fuck off.

This blunt message continued to the very end, with encore I Don’t Give A Fuck What You Reckon holding a lighter to a group of gassed up people.

We all exploded into dancing, with the guy to my left really outdoing my twist. It finally comes to an end and I’m breathlessly grinning.

I backed out of asking the band why they chose to put a tapir on the front cover of the album, but backed out. So, if you’re reading, please let me know.

Images by Getintothis’ Sarah Sidwell




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