Liverpool gig guide: Average Sex, Deep Cuts featuring Vile Assembly, Dead Kennedys


Average Sex

The Deep Cuts juggernaut rolls on to number 28 this week, Getintothis’ Steven Doherty looks forward to this amongst others.

We can still taste the Jagermeister.

Liverpool’s newest venue Jimmy’s finally opened last week, and to those who were fortunate enough to attend either Wednesday’s opening party or The Coral destroying the place the following night will have had the hangover to prove what a success it promises to be.

So, following that, what delights does this week have in store?

Well, regular readers to this column probably think that it writes itself.

Easy, just find the biggest and best gigs happening in the city and write about them, job done.

This week has disproved that theory.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that the largest (crowd number wise) event in the city does not warrant a mention below. An event so big it’s taking part in the beautiful surroundings of Croxteth Hall Park.

That’s because, even though he’s probably the most recognisable musician in the country, playing all the same venues as many of the bands we feature in these pages, I genuinely have no idea what Lewis Capaldi actually sounds like.

As popular as he is, he seems to be more famous for him being “dead funny” rather than anything vaguely musical.

His so-called calling-out-of-a-Gallagher Glastonbury hilarity had been done before so much better by Jay Z, his album has had some pretty tepid reviews, so after much deliberation we decided to plough on and give him a listen to see whether he was worthy of inclusion.

Good grief. This week then.

Deep Cuts August 2019

Deep Cuts #28: Phase One, August 8

Gig of the week.

A sensational variety of styles on this months line-up, topped off by angry abrasive headliners Vile Assembly, descend on Phase One for this month’s festivities.

Deep Cuts takes place at Phase One on Seel Street, Liverpool on Thursday August 8 at 7pm featuring Vile Assembly, Tabitha Jade, Ugly Mothers, Two Islands and Sallow Pillow. Tickets are £5 ADV and £8 OTD. Tickets here.

The full details are here.

Manchester Gigs Of The Month: August 2019

Dead Kennedys

Dead Kennedys: Hangar 34, August 5

What a belter to start the week, the chance to spend your Monday evening in the Baltic Triangle with this bunch.

Supported by the omnipresent-this-week Vile Assembly, these legends of the punk era’s star still shines as bright as it did back in those days.

Another one with a full preview here.

Average Sex: Phase One, August 9

Last seen on the Phase One stage earlier this year as part of a double header with The Charlatans’ Tim Burgess, Average Sex bring their both their hypnotic tunes and god-awful name back to Liverpool.

Signed to Burgess’ own label, the London five-piece are ably supported tonight by a pair of huge local talents, Hannah’s Little Sister and Gen And The Degenerates.

A glorious Friday night awaits for all involved.

Black Country, New Road announce new single and tour

Rory Wynne (Photo Credit: Keith Ainsworth)

Rory Wynne: Jimmy’s, August 9

After tearing it up at their Manchester venue, Jimmy’s welcome the acclaimed singer-songwriter to town.

The latest sensation coming straight outta Stockport, Wynne, signed to Very Clever Records, Blossoms’ very own label, is here ahead of a four week residency at the Manchester Zombie Shack.

A star in the making.


Shardy: Phase One, August 10

Local promoters Purple Noise are making all the right noises locally, and this is their latest big one.

All sourced locally, the line-up features Diana Wolfpack, Mason Owens and The Merchants and is headlined by Shardy, coinciding nicely with the release of their new Close The Door single.

Last time they were in town, they sold out the Shipping Forecast (no mean feat), so tickets are bound to be in short supply, get in quick.

Also this week:

Skeggs: Zanzibar, August 6
Anthony Vacher: Jacaranda, August 6
Forq: Phase One, August 7
Red Winter: Sound, August 7
Glass Caves: Jimmy’s, August 8
Lemonade Fix: Zanzibar, August 8
Chapter 13: Arts Club, August 9
Broken Orchestra: Zanzibar, August 9
Get It Together: Outpost, August 9
Sugarspun: Jacaranda, August 9
The Nextmen: Constellations, August 10
Ash Elliot: Zanzibar, August 10
Invalids: Brick St, August 11




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