Sound Food and Drink on Duke Street issues warning about future


Sound on Duke Street

Liverpool’s music and arts venue Sound issues worrying statement, Getintothis’ Peter Guy on the future of the popular independent.

Sound on Duke Street is facing an uncertain future.

The popular independent venue has issued a statement via social media suggesting it may face closure.

Sound, which opened in 2012, has enjoyed a superb existence with the music and arts community hosting all manner of gigs, happenings, ant-Royalist parties and become in a cornerstone in the Liverpool independent scene.

However, organisers today said: “We are at a crossroads here at Sound HQ. 

“We can’t quite decide if we are beaten, there are some big battles ahead. We are looking back at all the boss times and wondering should we just leave it at that.

“This is our question to you, do we – call it a day, it’s time or crowdfunding and keep fighting?

Venue closures – and the threat to live music in the UK

The organisers left a poll on their Facebook page leaving customers to post their replies and answer the question.

What happens next is uncertain, however, as Getintothis‘ venue of 2018 we’re really hoping Sound stays open and remains an integral part of Liverpool’s sub culture.





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  1. Too many venues close together. What does Sound offer that the Shipping Forecast doesn’t? You’ve also got the Arts Club, Parr Street Studio 2, Phase One, Zanzibar within short walking distance. Not long ago you also had Magnet and Buyers Club and Jimmy’s is just about to open. All these venues have scarely filled calenders all year long, because as a touring city Liverpool is poor compared to Manchester in terms of turn out and there’s TOO MANY VENUES. You’re mates with Harvest Sun – you know the score.

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