Gaygirl, Piss Kitti, Clementine: The Jacaranda, Liverpool



As Gaygirl headed into the Basement at Jacaranda on Slater Street our hero of 2018 and now Getintothis’ Wilfried Haag went along to have a look, he sent us this report from down the front.

Mondays are, apart from some open mic nights, rather quiet affairs on the local gig scene, which is why we ventured into the Jacaranda Basement on Monday to see what Gaygirl, currently on a UK tour, was all about.

The gig was laid on by ICYMI, and their nights are usually thoroughly enjoyable affairs, this gig certainly did
not disappoint and featured three acts that could not be more different, It could not have been much better.

Clementine were the first band on. You often see venues not too busy for the first performers, but this was not the case this Monday, because Clementine are a class act.

We had seen them as a full band and had instantly liked them. This time, stripped down to just Tilly Louise and Liam Ash on acoustic guitars, sharing vocals and delivering gorgeous harmonies, we fell in love with them.

They played a fabulous set including their debut single Temporary and their new single Favourite Song which was released on June 28.

When Tilly asked the audience to clap and sing along to one particular song, everybody obliged. Later, it was great to see both, Tilly and Liam, boogying along to the other performances.

Next up was Piss Kitti. This writer had seen them once or twice before and had not been too impressed, but this time the band absolutely convinced. They are pure punk rock with a modern feel.

Deeper Cuts Festival – an interstellar new music happening in Liverpool

Their singer, Esme, has got an energy that is infectious. The Jacaranda had filled to near-capacity and almost everybody in the room was dancing and jumping to the music; we expected a mosh-pit to develop at any minute.

The headliner, Gaygirl, formed in March 2016, are based in South London and have built up quite a following down south. They are a 4-piece consisting of Bex on guitar and lead vocals, Lewis, lead guitar and vocals, Jake, bass and vocals, and Louis on drums.

As they themselves describe it, they make dark melodic pop with a grunge element. Gaygirl delivered a through and through tight, dynamic set. After their last song, the audience insisted on an encore and the band obliged with a short, very fast number.

To get a feel for their music, check out their latest releases Sick Note which came out in February and Hair which was released in June of this year. This particular Monday evening in the Jacaranda was an evening very well spent and this writer is very much looking forward to seeing the three bands again.







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