Liverpool gig guide: Space, Joan As Police Woman, Single Mothers


Joan as Police Woman

It’s the week where the underdogs are in the spotlight, so Getintothis’ Steven Doherty seeks out the lesser known (for now) talents.

After all the fuss that was made around their Phase One gig last week, I could wait no longer.  I had to listen to the Black Midi album, to see whether the hype was justified or not.

Forty minutes later, I had my answer.

Unfortunately, to these ears, Black Midi are almost unlistenable. Back in the day, we had loads of these bands.

Shrouded in mystery (pre-internet this was much easier), hyped by the music press with very little actual music to go on.

They would announce gigs to build up the hype even further, with journalists happy to declare them the next big thing before hearing a note.

And people fell for it, pretty much every time. By the time they would release their debut album, the game was up. The poor singles which no-one actually ever bought would be these band’s undoing, over before it began.

Black Midi are the first in a while. The album is shallow artiness, boys with too much time on their hands, saying nothing.

Deliberately, wilfully empty. They don’t mean it, maaan.  An emperor’s new clothes manifestation of a record.

Hopefully, this week’s gigs have more substance.

Single Mothers

Single Mothers: Sound, July 2

Back over here from Canada, it’s Ontario’s very own Single Mothers.

Last time they were over, as shown in the picture above, they destroyed both Studio 2 and this writer’s hearing.

They were a glorious racket.

Now armed with last year’s Through A Wall album, Sound seem like the perfect place for them to continue their UK adventure.

This is the first of a myriad of dates over here, the current penchant for all things shouty will see them rightfully earn themselves a larger audience.

Joan As Police Woman: Epstein, July 3

A rare old mention for the Epstein, but this will also see a perfect setting for a special gig (although a lot quieter than the one above).

She plays in support recently released career spanning best of, excellently entitled Joanthology.

Her cover (or rather her taking apart and piecing back together) of Prince’s Kiss will be worth the entrance fee alone.

Read the full preview here.

METZ, USA Nails: YES, Manchester


Cascaders: Zanzibar, July 5

The first of the new blood, local band Cascaders play their biggest headline gig to date at Zanzibar.

They released their debut single Raindance back in May and that has whipped up the interest in them, so it’s time for them to show what they’ve got.

Go and show them some love.

The Bohos

The Bohos: Sound, July 5

One of the many gigs this week to feature a local headliner, this one is a name that’s been bandied about in the knowing circles, especially after their Sound City appearance.

This week has also seen the release of their second single Already Dead, so this is a bit of a launch party for it.

With equally esteemed supports in the shape of the equally talked about Cave Party and Astles, this is another chance to get into a band from the off and follow them to bigger things.


Lola: Sound, July 6

Recently described by Getintothis’ after their Arts Club set as “starting to find their own voice“, we can check out their progress as Lola are back, this time with their own headliner slot at the ever busy Sound.

Another I Love Live Events promotion (they are doing some sterling work at present), this one is on course for a sell out, so act fast.

Lola are full of the melodic confidence of youth and the tunes are already there, one to watch.

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Glenn Tilbrook

Bootle Music Festival: Lock And Quay, July 6/7

Considering this is a slightly out of town, newer festival, they’ve done some sterling work by getting some big names, whilst keeping ticket prices ridiculously low.

The Saturday gives us local legends in the form of the headlining Space, flanked support-wise by the equally big in the 90’s Dodgy (celebrating 25 years of Homegrown, a strangely ignored classic pop album) and a master of the songwriting craft, Squeeze’s Glenn Tilbrook.

The Sunday sees The Farm topping the bill, ably assisted by The Real People and Nick Harper.

Down by the canal in sunny Bootle, all this for just £25 for the weekend or £15 for a full day’s entertainment.

Lovely stuff.

Dude Trips: Outpost, July 7

Aberdeen noise pop merchants Dude Trips are attracting quite the interest, indeed they are a big enough name to have their recent album launch at their local HMV.

Their debut record Through Love & Death, You’re All I Have Left is full of melancholic pop punk, and this short UK tour should see them building up their south of the border fan base.

More bang for your buck (just 3 quid to get in) tonight, as you also get supports in the shape of Everyone And Anyone, Don Blake, Canada Square and Passionflower.

Also this week:

Harambe Maoni: Phase One, July 2

Gladys Knight: M & S Bank Arena: July 3

Charity Shop Pop: Phase One, July 4

City Mouse: Outpost, July 4

Guru: Shipping Forecast, July 4

Tank & The Bangas: 24 Kitchen Street, July 4

Diamonds In The Dark, 24 Kitchen Street, July 5

Juliana Yazbeck: Royal Court, July 5

Woes: Zanzibar, July 6

Antihero: Phase One, July 6

Museum Of Backward Hats: 81 Renshaw Street, July 6

Primes: Jacaranda, July 6




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