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Kaith Haring

Artist Keith Haring’s passion for music to be celebrated in new Soul Jazz compilation and Getintothis’ Rick Leach has the details.

Keith Haring, activist and ground breaking artist, is the subject of a major exhibition at TATE Liverpool starting this June.

This is the first major retrospective of his work in the UK and covers a massive range of his work, thirty years since his death.

As we explained in a recent Getintothis feature, Haring had a passion for music and now Soul Jazz are set to release a double CD/triple vinyl compilation at the request of TATE Galleries containing tracks which inspired him,

People told how his studio would be filled with the sound of music blaring from his ghetto-blaster. One of his earliest pieces, Painting Myself into a Corner, is a video of him creating a painting while listening to the music of Devo.

Away from his studio, he was a part of the crowd at Club 57 where he rubbed shoulders with the likes of Madonna (who was Basquait’s partner at the time), Cyndi Lauper and Fab Five Freddy.

He would go on to exhibit alongside Fab Five Freddy and Futura 2000 at exhibitions where DJs such as Afrika Bambaataa would be on the decks for their opening parties and again it showed how Haring and his gang wanted to bridge the gap between the art world and what was being credited on the street.

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His connections within the East Village scene would bring him to the attention of David Bowie and resulted in him creating the artwork for the single Without You from Bowie’s Let’s Dance album.

He then would go on to team up with Robert Mapplethorpe and his mentor Andy Warhol for a photo shoot with Grace Jones covering her body in his signature radiating lines and swirls before designing the cover for the Special Olympics fundraising album, A Very Special Christmas.

The World of Keith Haring track listing:

      1. B Beat Girls – For The Same Man
      2. Damon Harris – It’s Music
      3. Pylon – Danger
      4. The Jonzun Crew – Pak Man (Look Out For The OVC)
      5. Funk Masters – Love Money
      6. John Sex – Bump And Grind It
      7. Sylvester – Over And Over (12″ Disco Mix)
      8. The Girls – Jeffrey I Hear You**
      9. Johnny Dynell and New York 88 – Jam Hot (Rhumba Rock)
      10. Talking Heads – I Zimbra*
      11. Art Zoyd – Sortie 134 (Part 2)
      12. Class Action – Weekend (Larry Levan Mix)
      13. Adiche – Chuka-Ja (Get Ready)
      14. The Girls – The Elephant Man**
      15. The Golden Flamingo Orchestra – The Guardian Angel Is Watching Over Us
      16. Gray – Cut It Up High Priest
      17. Extra T’s – E.T. Boogie
      18. Convertion – Let’s Do It
      19. Yoko Ono – Walking On Thin Ice
      20. Fab 5 Freddy – Change The Beat

    * bonus track CD only  * bonus track CD + deluxe vinyl only

  1. The World of Keith Haring is released by Soul Jazz on June 28
  2. Keith Haring, Tate Liverpool runs from June 14 to November 10 2019




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