Honeyblood, Arlo Day: Arts Club, Liverpool



HoneyBlood brought their American style rock to a rainy Liverpool Arts Club, Getintothis’ Steven Doherty was dodging raindrops for a classy evening.

Here comes the summer. Or not.

Another grim June evening, rain, rain and more rain. We thought this would put people off coming out tonight, thankfully we were wrong.

Support was meant to come from fellow Scottish rockers Lucia, but alas, they had to pull out of the tour, so the evening was opened by Arlo Day.

Fresh from the recent release of her first EP, she plays a set of just one woman and an electric guitar, effecting emotions from her sultry pop tunes.

Her peak is the cover of the greatest pop single of the late 1990’s, Spice Girls’ classic Spice Up Your Life (it is…you try and think of a better one…nope, you can’t), which is broken down to it’s basic parts and really works.

One to very much keep a watch out for.

And so the venue really fills up, impressively for a Tuesday night, in time for Honeyblood.

They were are a duo, and now they are just one, vocalist Stina Tweeddale, who has recruited a bassist and drummer to embellish the live experience.

They open with arguably their finest moment, single Sea Hearts, and then progress onto an even split from all of their three albums.

Hands Off Gretel, Mr Ted, Good Problems, Primyl Vinyl: Arts Club, Liverpool

The 60’s shimmy pop of The Third Degree is the first major revelation, a glorious noise.

As busy as it is, it’s a quiet audience, as much as Tweeddale tries to get them to join in, they remain silent between songs, for now.

Fan favourite Walking At Midnight sees the heads bobbing, whilst new album In Plain Sight highlight Gibberish finally gets the mosh pit up and running.

The band are coming to the end of a 28 date UK tour, but show no obvious signs of fatigue, Tweeddale introducing her new combo whilst launching into the Placebo-esque Fall Forever.

It proper goes off for Babes Never Die, the first big sing-along of the evening and by the time Killer Bangs arrives, there’s pints flying in the air, impressive/stupid (delete as applicable at a fiver a go).

Such a reaction is not easily gained from a Liverpool crowd on a Tuesday night, so kudos for that, a well-deserved response to a night of glorious thrashy magic.

Images by Getintothis’ Peter Goodbody




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