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Night Café

The Night Cafe are set to release their debut album, Getintothis’ Banjo caught up with them to ask 13 questions.

The Night Cafe have announced a new single, Finders Keepers, as a taster for their forthcoming debut album, 0151, which is set for release August 23 via AWAL Recordings.

As well as featuring some of the band’s earliest releases, the album also includes brand new tracks for fans to enjoy.

So far The Night Cafe have released singles Endless Lovers and Please from 0151, which will give fans a flavour of what’s to come.

The Night Café have also announced a huge UK headline tour for September/October 2019.

The tour dates will feature the band’s biggest hometown show to date at Liverpool’s Olympia, and a massive show at London’s Electric Ballroom.

Over the coming months the band will be playing a series of festivals including Reading and Leeds and Sounds of the City.  Full tour dates can be seen below.

Before this flurry of activity, Getintothis asked The Night Cafe to pull up a chair, turnshone a light full in their face and asked them 13 questions.

This is what they had to say for themselves.

1. Where are you and what are you doing?
“In my house, about to ride my bike to the park  I don’t know what the boys are doing haha.”

2. Do you have any pre-gig superstitions?
“Sean always has boiling water lemon and honey to soothe them vocal chords, sometimes we have a lager to settle you into the show haha.”

3. When was the last time you were drunk?
“Went the abbey pub for our mates birthday and got severely bevvied”

4. When were you last told off?
“Probably in school ahaha, we weren’t really interested in anything else other than music, so teachers from other lessons would always have a go like.”

5. Who is the nicest ‘celebrity’ you’ve met?
“We haven’t really met any celebrities to be honest, we’ve met loads of peoples in bands and stuff like that, but never anyone where we’ve all been shocked by.”

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6. What’s your favourite film?
“Jaws 1, Scary Movie, Kids, High School Musical… the list could go on forever.”

7. What’s your first memory?
“My first memory was me having a vision of The Night Café playing The Olympia.”

8. Do you prefer playing live or in the studio?
“Probably like them both the same amount, they’re both very different though!”

9. Tell us the most you’ve ever spent on a round of drinks.
“London is definitely the most expensive for a round like ahahah, think we paid like close to 30 quid for a few lagers and some gin and tonics after our last show there.”

10. What’s the first record you bought with your own money?
“I think Arran’s was a James Blake record, Sean’s was maybe a John Mayer record but I can’t remember haha. Josh‘s was maybe one of title fights albums, and mine was The Rasmus years ago ahaha.”

11. Whats the worst gig you’ve ever done?
“Probably one of our earlier gigs before we even got out of Liverpool, we didn’t really get many people to some shows.

We played in the arts club when we were called bunkbed and we were on last, but everyone got off by the time we were on ahaha, we still played all our own tunes though to an empty arts club with about 20 of our mates there hahaha.”

12. Can you cook?
“We are all heavy chefs like, Sean can make a heavy Ramen and Josh can throw a heavy veggie meal together.  We’re all gonna go on Gordon Ramsey’s kitchen nightmares.”

13. Tell us a secret
The Night Café are gonna be massive.”




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