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After a performance that did little more than split the room at Eurovision, Madonna has announced a slew of dates on an unusual World tour, Getintothis’ Naomi Campbell has the latest news.

UPDATE: Additional dates have been released, information is at the end!

Dutiful fans of long-time Queen of pop Madonna may rejoice as new tour dates have been released for later this year including six UK shows.

Though, and we hate to be the bearers of bad news, actually gaining access to those shows may well involve selling the family silver. Fret not, there’s still time for Paris! 

The tour will promote Madonnas 14th studio album Madame X due for release (ironically, or perhaps not) on 14th June with six dates at the London Palladium.

Each performance on the tour will take place in similar intimate settings making for a rare opportunity for fans to experience the show in ways that are rare when you can fill the kind of rooms Madonna could.

While the Palladium shows are all gone, there is still the opportunity to register for the Paris shows.  Let’s face it, it’s Madonna and Paris isn’t that far away.

Though if her performance at Eurovision is anything to go by we would hope there would be a bit of prep done in advance. The Palestinian flag was perhaps the only thing of any note, let’s face it. 

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The Madame X Tour will take off in New York on September 12th at the BAM Howard Gilman Opera House running until early 2020 with performances at The Coliseum in Lisbon and the Grand Rex in Paris. 

This will be Madonna’s first time on the road since the Rebel Heart Tour in 2016. 

Five songs will have been released simultaneously from the album before it hits music platforms in its entirety. The singles include Crave, I Rise, critically acclaimed Medellín, Future featuring American producer Quavo released last week, followed by Dark Ballet due for release early next month.

Influenced creatively by living in Lisbon, Portugal over the past few years, Madame X is a collection of songs that celebrate Madonna’s love of Latin music and culture.

Songs from the album such as Crave and Medellin demonstrate another experimental layer of Madonna we haven’t witnessed yet with new collaborations, new twists and a surprise or two. 

New singles Medellin and Quavo were previewed at the Billboard Awards earlier this month and at The Eurovision Song Contest in Israel, where Madonna also performed her 1989 classic Like A Prayer. 

Madame X 2020 European tour dates:
January 26 / 27 / 29 / 30 & February 1 + 2 at The London Palladium
February 18 / 19 / 20 / 21 / 23 at Le Grand Rex, Paris, France

Due to an unprecedented demand Madonna has added new dates.

Tues 4th London, U.K, The London Palladium
Weds 5th London, U.K, The London Palladium
Thur 6th London, U.K, The London Palladium
Sat 8th London, U.K, The London Palladium
Sun 9th London, U.K, The London Palladium
Tues 11th London, U.K, The London Palladium





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