King Khan-led supergroup Louder Than Death announce new album


Louder Than Death

Incorrigible rock-n-roll lifer King Khan is back, and he’s brought his mates with him. Getintothis’ Matthew Eland reports on the new album from Louder Than Death…

King Khan, that rogue punk renegade and aficionado of assless chaps, has returned from the rock hinterlands with a new group in tow.

Louder Than Death comprises Looch Vibrato and Aggy Sonora of Magnetix on guitar and drums, respectively, while bass duties are taken up by Fredovitch, a veteran of Khan‘s group The Shrines.

What is born is a maelstrom of pure unadulterated, unhinged, unbelievable rock n’ roll baptized in the salty sea water of Bordeaux, waterboarded with the finest wines, choked with the smelliest cheeses, dipped into a vat of oysters, octopus and shrimp. This is not just a band, its an orgy of the damned!

King Khan summons the punk rock demons buried in his bodacious brown back side, lathers up the listeners in his mystical oils and leaves you thirsty, horny, riled up, ready to dance upon the apocalypse and punch it in the face all in one mighty fell swoop.

I once saw Looch Vibrato take a pair of glasses off someone’s face and stick them in his mouth and crunch them into dust, all because he warned him not to drink a warm can of beer filled with his own piss.”

Aggy Sonora, is the love child of Peggy from the Gories and Anais Nin. She beats her drums as senselessly as sensually. The sound of lust and labour rammed into one mystical inauguration of the pleasure dome.

Fredovitch (aka Freddie Rococco) was once mistaken for the son of Roky Erickson by Japanese music magazines. He is in fact a son of a gun and the greatest bass player since sliced brie. When he isn’t playing bass he is conducting orchestras in his mind and preparing to take over the world of classical music. His motto is “you slap my bass, I’ll slap yo’ face… and fuck your mom.

Yeah, right.

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Anyone who caught the King on the Getintothis stage at Sound City 2018 will be pleased to find that Chief Sleeps in the Park, the first song to be released from the new album, doesn’t stray too far from his familiar template of scuzzy licks, fast drums, and bodacious seventies garage-rock vibes.

Citing influences such as The Modern Lovers and The Stooges, Louder Than Death proclaim themselves to be not just a band, but an orgy of the damned, and Stop Und Fick Dich – which translates as Stop and Fuck You – represents another strong addition to an already voluminous discography from their frontman.

Out on In The Red Records on 28 June 2019, the new album features some intriguing cover art – is that a pig performing a citizen’s arrest on an armed robber? If that is a literal visual representation of the sonic delights within, then sign us up.

Stop Und Fick Dich!

The tracklist is as follows:
1. Chief Sleeps in Park
2. Stop Und Fick Dich
3. Erased World
4. Snot Queen
5. Long N’ Wavy
6. Scum of the Moon
7. No Brain No Pain
8. Born in 77
9. Leather Boy
10. ABCs in Old Berlin
11. Spicy Chicken
12. Get Them Talkin’
13. Strange Way
14. Baby Huey




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