Katy Alex talks Sound City, releasing music and future plans


Katy Alex

Katy Alex has enjoyed a big month which has included the release of her third single, Getintothis’ Amos Wynn caught up with her as she prepares to continue her hard work.

Back in March, Katy Alex made her first live appearance when she supported Paris Youth Foundation at Jacaranda Phase One.

On the show the Liverpool singer says: “It was sick, and there was a really big turnout. It was important to make a good impression and I think we did that.”

Since then things have begun to grow for Alex, who has gone on to play more shows including a main stage appearance at Sound City.

It was really nice to showcase my music there and it is exciting that they are trying to introduce more pop acts, I love Liverpool, so I want to do anything that helps the scene.”

As well as playing at the event, the Liverpool singer was also working in the offices at the same time and jokes that she thinks her brain ‘melted’ and she needed a break the week after.

Jokingly Alex says, “I think I prefer big stages, as they have a lot of space I can run around on and go crazy like you don’t care.”

Going forward she picks Hangar 34 as a venue she hopes to play at some point in the future.

The first time I saw it was at Sound City and I was really, really impressed, the sound system was massive, so I’d love to go there.”

As well as appearing live, Alex also released her latest single, Fool For You, at the end of April.

Alex says things are currently really ‘exciting’ for her and that she has received good feedback for her latest song.

At the moment I’m unsigned and not working with any management, so it is basically trial and error. I’ve not pumped in a lot of money so wasn’t expecting a massive reaction, but the local feedback has gone well.

To follow this up, Alex is hoping to release her next song, Holiday Love, at some point during the summer.

I want to plan this one a little bit more as this song is too good and important to me. We are trying to build a big campaign around it, which currently includes plans for a lyric and music video, so I’m excited to see what happens.”

Alex believes the song has a ‘summer vibe’ and is a possibility to step things up a level in terms of promoting her music.

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Despite currently not having any management to help her out, the Liverpool singer says it isn’t something she wants to rush into.

It’s nice to have someone else there to bring something else to the table, but I need time to develop to see how far I can push it on my own.

She continues: “I’ve been lucky to be in the music scene for a while because it’s helpful to know people around Liverpool who I can go to. I think this city is really special for that as everyone is here to help and have each other’s back; there is a real togetherness that is special to be a part of.”

Alex praises the support she has from the network of people around her.

I am surrounded by people who are passionate about what we are doing. My drummer helped me to create the artwork for my single so then I can release a nice creative package and something I’m really sure of.

The Liverpool singer also believes in having people around her for when she is having any doubts or in need of a motivational boost.

If you think you’re doing something wrong or you’re not seeing certain results, its nice to have people who are on the same wavelength who will do things to inspire me.”

As well as this, Alex also has strong support from her mum and dad.

They have always built me and my sister up to believe we can do something if we want to. They never let me feel pressure about anything and told me if I see a challenge that I should go for it.

Something that Alex is striving to do is growing the pop scene in her home city.

It’s about making sure I appear on the right bill and make sure the audience like pop music, as Liverpool is mainly good for rock.”

She can also see the positives of coming from somewhere where pop isn’t at the centre of the music scene.

In somewhere like London there are a lot more artists doing the same thing, unlike here where I’m a little fish in a small pond. It’s daunting to think about heading there but hopefully I can smash the local scene first.”

Coming from Liverpool hasn’t been something Alex has focused on writing about, with her inspiration coming from personal experiences.

This correlates with her musical influences as she states, “I dive into people’s lyrics and listen to anyone who has got a story.”

I love anything a bit edgy. I’ve been into a lot of St. Vincent as I love the sounds she uses, and her lyrics are really deep. I love Alessia Cara too as she is really honest and so many emotions come through.”

Going forward Alex says, “I’m just taking each day as it comes, things are really exciting so I’m trying to plan out my summer to come up with a little gig schedule.”

A challenge she would like to set herself is trying to get more gigs outside of Liverpool and head further afield.

As well as this Alex also hopes to release more music, with the possibility of an EP and for a single launch at the end of the year.

With her aspirations growing and plenty of plans in place, expect to see more of Katy Alex in the next few months.




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