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Instrumental titans Pelican are back with a new album as Getintothis’ Simon Kirk reports, and single which you can listen to now.

Chicago post-metal behemoth and the masters of B-flat tuning, Pelican, return with their first album in six years.

The band who released cult-classics, Australasia (2003) and The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw (2005), are set to unveil Nighttime Stories, arriving on June 7 via Southern Lord Records.

The album will be the first written front to back with guitarist, Dallas Thomas (also of The Swan King), who replaced Pelican‘s founding member, Laurent Schroeder-Lebec back in 2012 prior to the release of the band’s 2013 long-player, Forever Becoming.

Recorded in Steve Albini‘s Electrical Audio studios, Nighttime Stories was conceived on the back of much heartbreak. A proportion of the music was originally proposed for Pelican‘s offshoot band, Tusk, which includes guitarist, Trevor Shelley de Brauw (who has since released a solo album, 2017’s Uptown), drummer, Larry Herweg, and Schroeder-Lebec, in addition to vocalist Jody Minnoch.

Nighttime Stories was instigated shortly after Minnoch’s sudden passing in 2014, and much of the dark psychedelic undercurrents we associate with Tusk’s sound unravel here with Pelican‘s latest conception, paying homage to their departed colleague.

Pelican applied the previously discarded album title and cobbled together song titles from notes Minnoch had sent to inspire the direction of the proposed Tusk album at the time.

During the writing of Nighttime Stories, further tragedy struck, with Dallas Thomas’ father also passing, to whom the album pays tribute on opening track W.S.T.

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You can listen to the album’s lead single, Midnight and Mescaline, below, which was also released as a 7″ on Record Store Day alongside with exclusive B-side, Darkness on the Stairs.

While a UK tour hasn’t been confirmed yet we are very much hoping an announcement is imminent.

Nighttime Stories artwork and track listing:

Pelican - Nighttime Stories

Pelican – Nighttime Stories

  1. WST
  2. Midnight and Mescaline
  3. Abyssal Plain
  4. Cold Hope
  5. It Stared at Me
  6. Nighttime Stories
  7. Arteries of Blacktop
  8. Full Moon, Black Water




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