Getintothis top five #2: most read music, gigs, features and stories of the week


The Getintothis top five stories of the week

The top stories of another busy week are delivered by Getintothis’ Will Whitby plus a round up of the hottest live happenings.

Record Store Day. Or Record Shop Day as we’d rather call it. How was it for you? There’s been much discussion on these pages and between staffers at Getintothis HQ over the last few days.

Yesterday in Liverpool saw droves queuing round the block outside 81 Renshaw Street, while Probe, Defend Vinyl and Phase One saw a plentiful supply of punters and special happenings. Yet, as alluded to by our live editor, Peter Goodbody, there does seem to be more than a whiff in the air of suspicion and cynicism.

How much is this now a major label cash cow? How much are the massive artists and bands dictating play? Whatever your take, it’s hard to disagree with reader James Mark Mounsey, who wrote on our Facebook page: “I’ll just be happy we’ve got a city with a whole handful of record shops. It really wasn’t that many years ago when we could have had zero.”

Anyway, as we round off the Record Store Day celebrations, we wish every day was Record Store Day. Did you pick up anything special? Let us know via our Facebook or Twitter pages. This writer finally picked up Marvin Gaye’s classic What’s Going On.

Speaking of classic albums, we have also been looking back at Captain Beefheart’s seminal if difficult on the ear, masterpiece Trout Mask Replica as it celebrated its 50th anniversary. 

Push forward to the now, and we’re eagerly looking forward to the new album by The National – we’d heartily recommend a read of Rick Leach‘s love letter to the band.

Speaking of which, we’re always on the lookout for new writers, contributors or photographers to join our team, so drop us a message on via our Facebook page and our social media editor, Lucy will be in touch.

But before then, here a look at the week’s top stories on GetintothisEnjoy th rest of your Sunday.

Getintothis most read stories of the week:

Ali Horn

Ali Horn

Vile Assembly

1. Vile Assembley, SPILT, Bandit: District, Liverpool
2. Swimming Tapes, Breathe Panel, Dan Disgrace: Sound, Liverpool
3. Circa Waves album launch and signing: Jacaranda Records, Liverpool
4. Terry Riley & Gyan Rilley, Daniel Thorne, Ex Easter Island Head: 24 Kitchen Street, Liverpool
5. Maverick Sabre, Jordan Max: Arts Club, Liverpool




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