Gary Numan announces tour including Liverpool date


Gary Numan

Gary Numan announces a massive UK tour calling Liverpool, Getintothis’ Banjo previews his latest epic.

The last time we reviewed a Gary Numan Liverpool show, we foolishly mentioned his age, as if this was some kind of issue or barrier for him.

He proved us wrong at that show by turning in a faultless, energetic show that reminded us just who the original owner of the synth pop crown is.

Then, he did it all over again when he played the BlueDot Festival, giving one of the weekend’s best shows.

So maybe after all that he could be forgiven for kicking back for a bit.  But, this being Gary Numan, he has instead devided to head out on tour again.

Given that he is the creator of a 22 album back catalogue maybe we shouldn’t be that surprised.  22 albums!  Who else from among his peers can lay claim to that kind of canon of songs, that kind of drive and that kind of creative energy.

Numan is obviously a driven, creative soul who genuinely loves what he does, which is just as well for his vast army of fans.

His latest tour is called (R)Evolution and celebrates a massive 40 years worth of gigs.  That he is still, incredibly, at the top of his game after all this time is something to be celebrated.

13 Questions with Gary Numan

Numan’s Facebook page currently carries the message “In Sep 1979 I began my first ever tour around the UK. I’ll be celebrating the 40 years of life, career and touring that have unfolded since then this Sep/Oct with the (R)evolution Tour. ”

Whether this will tie in with a new album (number 23!) remains to be seen, but we can recommend the Numan live experience to you without a single reservation. We’ll see you there.





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