SPINN, Monks, The Letrasets: Arts Club, Liverpool



SPINN played a sold out show at the Arts Club and Getintothis’ Will Whitby went along for the jangly dream pop ride.

For some, indie is just a mundane showcase of kids trying too hard to be one of the Gallagher brothers, but young scousers SPINN are bringing something refreshing and charming to the table.

We went to the sold out Arts Club show on Friday to find out why SPINN are a best-kept secret, ready to explode.

Earlier in the week the group had announced their self-titled debut album to be released on innovative Liverpool label Modern Sky UK on May 3. “Pre-order the album if you like, that would be sick, it’ll pay for all my Wetherspoons and I like Wetherspoons” Frontman Johnny Quinn announced to the crowd.

Support came from fellow scouse dream poppers Monks and fresh indie kids The Letrasets. Both showing how the Liverpool young indie scene is gaining traction again as the youth begin to reclaim the mundanity of a genre saturated by Radio X daytime playlisting.

Quinn revelled with a sold-out crowd hanging off his every word and Jagger-esque hip shimmy and shake. The Arts Club Basement floor packed out with Liverpool youth looking for a good time and getting one. Every track had them jumping, mates on shoulders, the end of fiver pints of Carlsberg getting flung and the entire audience indulging in the euphoria of endless fun that only young indie-like bands can give their compatriots.

Musically the band bring more to the table than most new indie influenced bands. Describing themselves as jangly dream pop, almost dainty twinkling guitar lines interlock with bass lines that pulsate and carry the tracks through. With a debut album only just announced and only a handful of tracks on Spotify, the headline set itself was only about 40 minutes long.

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Who You Are – a track admitting how everyone is their own poser- evokes guitar lines of far more matured bands such as Real Estate meeting Johnny Marr melodies on a summer’s day. With Quinn fronting the band, the rest of the group were tight and didn’t put a note wrong as Sean McLachlan delivered the bass, Louis O’Reilly on drums and bowlcut’d Andy Power on guitar.

Spacey Bliss played as the peak of the set as reverb guitar lines create a dynamic euphoria akin to the title of the track as the near exhausted and sweltered crowd sang and moshed back to every line.

Fan favourite Notice Me brought the lyrical hooks in their catchiest chorus as summery guitar licks nicked away at the melody. It was the last time the group were to play relaxed “old” song Home as the shoegazey track got one last hurrah blending into new single Is There Something That I Missed?

As the finale blared to a close and Aldi champagne was thrown into the audience, what was clear in the packed out Arts Club was that there are so many positives factors in SPINN unseen by a young Liverpool indie band for some time. The tracks are refreshingly original and endlessly catchy, the band have an image, drive and charisma to be indie poster boys globally and the foursome are unashamedly scouse and are unafraid to show it.

SPINN’s self-titled debut album is released on May 3 via Modern Sky UK and they return for Sound City in May and headline O2 Academy on December 6.

Images by Getintothis’ Lauren Cowdall




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