KLF film What Time is Death? set for release with soundtrack by Mugstar and Pigs x7


KLF – Welcome to the Dark Ages

What Time Is Death? is a new documentary from director Paul Duane dealing with the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu and Getintothis’ Gary Aster has the details.

What Time Is Death?, the hotly anticipated film from director Paul Duane, has its premiere at Dublin’s Virgin Media film festival this week and UK screenings are due to follow later in the year.

The feature-length film has been made with the cooperation of the duo of Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty (perhaps best remembered to more casual observers in their chart-topping guise as The KLF) providing an insider’s view of their recent Liverpool-based return after a 23 year absence, and all that has unfolded since then.

Drummond and Cauty’s comeback consisted, not of any new music, but of their re-invention as “undertakers to the underworld” with plans to build a pyramid made partly from the cremated remains of their fans and anyone else prepared to sign up for a process known as Mumufication.

The proposed pyramid is to be built at an as yet undisclosed location in Toxteth.

It will consist of some 34,592 bricks. Each of these bricks will contain 23 grams of the ashes of a dead person. The first brick was laid onto the pyramid’s foundation stone late last year during the inaugural Toxteth Day of the Dead, an annual event, first held on November 23 last year. Paul Duane and his crew were there to capture it all.

Chance Contacts with the KLF and Bill Drummond

The film includes the views of fans, journalists, the pyramid’s architect and Clare and Ru Callender of the Green Funeral Company, along with a soundtrack featuring Mugstar, Pigs x7 and the Cosmic Dead amongst others.
So not just your usual, run-of-the-mill rockumentary then.

Much (but not all) of the action takes place in Liverpool and it’s not unreasonable to suppose that the film may well make its UK premiere here too. If so, then you’ll hear it here first.




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