Unknown Pleasures #183 ft Big Debbie, 20 Guilders and Workin’ Man Noise Unit


Big Debbie

Searching the globe for the finest new sounds, Getintothis Guy Nolan delves into Eastern rhythms, Australian psych and Japanese folk

My first ever Unknown Pleasures column finds me digging through hours of tracks, searching for those small nuggets of noise that are scattered within Soundcloud’s cave of delights.

This near Christmas special (my view, no one else’s) is a discovery of geeked outsider art noise and trembling swells, that can be discovered deep inside this great site.

It was a true joy to be asked to search for those kind of songs and hopefully you’ll enjoy my journey as much as I did.

Singles Club #186 – Seatbelts, Grimes, Telekinesis and more

Big Debbie: Ab-Ra-Ca-Deb-Ra

Big Debbie was introduced to, western music by her father, who was a soviet naval officer who brought back western propaganda in the form of music, Inspired by smuggled pop tunes.  She later left to live in America, spending a decade clawing at the limits of punk and noise music in San Francisco before relocating to L.A.

This is brand new to me and a wonder of the internet age, places that where closed to me are open wide and convey new realms of sound. Big Debbie transports us through eastern rhythms and ethereal vocal hauntings. In this psychedelic troupe.

Ilovequeersforever: Football Playing Idiot

I’d love to tell you that these still exist or that they have so much information about them that you could research for days, but that would be a lie. All I know is that if you love Riot Grrrl, noise rock then you’ll love this. If drunks with guns were melted together with Bikini Kill through some freak gamma radioactive accident, then you get this band.

If you find out anything please share.

20 Guilders: Il Grande Silenzio

Suzuki Junzo and Tabata Mitsuru, who have got together to play ambient folk psych, sees this band conveying everything I love about the Japanese music scene. Taking their influences from around the world and jamming them into a well-honed soundscape.

Finally we leave with this band

Workin’ Man Noise Unit: Turn It Off

Hailing from Reading,   Workin’ Man Noise Unit started in 2010. Combining Aus rock stylings of such bands like Bored, God with heavy psych sound of Zen Guerrilla. This track is a storming crash of sound that surely thrills any noise geek or indie head.




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