Queen Zee ‘battered in Liverpool gay bar’


Queen Zee

Queen Zee have posted a statement on their Facebook page after being ‘battered while in a gay bar’ in Liverpool.

Liverpool band Queen Zee have posted an emotive statement on their social media after reportedly being attacked.

The incident occurred on December 28, when according to the band Zeeand some friends got battered while in a gay bar.

Queen Zee, who release their debut album in 2019, played Liverpool Pride in 2018 alongside a UK headline tour which culminated in their homecoming at 24 Kitchen Street.

The incident, documented on the band’s Facebook page continued: “Of all the places three gay and trans people should feel safe, it’s Liverpools Gay Town. My friend was grabbed around the head, without their consent. After the man was told to let go (they have a shaved head, he seemed to think this was a novelty and an invite to grab them for a laugh) he came back with his friends.

Most told him to leave it, but another punched my partner in the face. They tackled Zand to the floor and stood over them screaming they were a cunt. They kept pulling away from sercurity to get a few more punches at us. One punched me in the face a couple of times, ripped out my earring, and called me a “fucking puff”.

You can read the full statement below.

  • Getintothis has asked the band for a comment.




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