Deep Cuts second birthday bill revealed for Jacaranda Records Phase One in January


Deep Cuts is TWO

Deep Cuts is two! And we’ve prepared a belting second birthday of some of our favourite new artists and bands for a new year special.

One hundred and twenty two live performances, several dozen DJs and a couple of venues later and we’re celebrating our second Deep Cuts birthday.

Yep, Deep Cuts 2 takes place on Friday January 18 at Jacaranda Records Phase One (tickets here) with a whopping seven strong billing gathering together some of our favourite artists from 2018 and a couple of debut performances from ones we’re tipping for 2019.

We’ve come a long way since our first Deep Cuts outing in February 2017 and it really struck home what the night has evolved into when during our November outing two brand new artists signed management deals following their performances. This followed on from the newly-founded Jacaranda Records snapping up two artists for their label at our September Deep Cuts and a handful of bands being signed to Liverpool-based Modern Sky UK from our Deep Cuts gigs at our original Buyers Club home.

Our aim has always been to provide a platform for what we believe is the best new music around – not just from our home city of Liverpool – but around the UK and beyond. During the last 12 months we’ve hosted new music from Manchester, Preston, Ireland, Derbyshire, West Lancashire, Birmingham and London – while also featuring artists from further afield including Russia and Norway.

This commitment to ‘best new music’ is central to Getintothis. We’ve often discussed in team meetings what is our mission statement – and we’re still not entirely sure how to pigeonhole that. It’s perhaps a good thing. Because, while we know what type of music we’re not into, there is a whole galaxy of sounds we do love and continue to champion. Central to all that – is the desire to discover the new.  While these pages do celebrate and aim to enrich your listening with golden greats of the past, our central goal is to mine the new talent that’s emanating from across the North West and beyond.

It’s encouraging when speaking to veterans of the Merseyside community like Revo from Club EVOL and he suggests Deep Cuts is a vital new part of the landscape promoting new talent – or when music manager Andrew Ellis shares tweets like this:

Which brings us on to Deep Cuts 2. Once again, we’ve stacked up a bill which is heavy on diversity; industrial sax-led drone sits happily beside bedroom beats and soulful blues. Dreamy psychedelic guitar pop features alongside cosmic improvisational jazz. So let’s introduce who’s who.

If you’ve been to Deep Cuts this year you’ll be au fait with the monstrous din that mechanoid multi-limbed maniacs LONESAW produce – contrastingly, Shards provide the light to their shade with blissed out rock and roll which Ride would be proud of. The ultra-delectable Blurred Sun Band bring brass and outrock to the table while Hannah and the Wick Effect combine hooks, swagger and laidback charisma to die for.

Completing our picks of ‘the best of 2018’ are Yammerer – a live juggernaut who need to be seen to be believed. I’ve used up enough superlatives on this lot, so will leave it right there. Two of our picks for 2019, are Bobby West and Yank Scally. Since we first championed the latter on these pages, Yank Scally has churned out more pop gold from his bedroom than most would in several careers – he’s promising a debut album imminently. Bobby West, meanwhile, is the new outfit of former Sankofa and Lying Bastards – but that’s barely any of the tale – think beautiful midnight hour soul and blues; this is your chance to hear them first.

Tickets for this whopper are a mere fiver in advance so get involved as it’s sure to be the finest way to kick start the new gig season.

Below is a gallery of our Christmas Carnage gig featuring the delights of RongoRongo, Claire Welles, LONESAW, Prison Behaviour, Denio and Nolan Garrett.

Deep Cuts’ second birthday

  • Deep Cuts is two Friday January 18, 7pm til late – featuring Hannah and the Wick Effect, Blurred Sun Band, Shards, Yammerer, LONESAW, Yank Scally and Bobby West. Tickets here.




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