Best music photographs of November 2018 featuring: Shame, Stealing Sheep, The Blinders, Hinds & more



In the second installment of our best photographs of the month feature Getintothis’ Kevin Barrett and Chris Everett dig out the finest selection from November. 

Being a music photographer is one of the most rewarding gigs you can get as a snapper. It guarantees the best seats in the house (well for the first 3 songs at least!), and allows you to capture a moment of magic of artists and performers that will have had a big influence on your’s and other’s lives through their music.

Although, it’s not always the artists that are the main draw for a photographer. The venue also plays a key role in what we do. Here at Getintothis we’ve been lucky this past month to be able to shoot in some fantastic spaces throughout Liverpool and beyond. Take, for instance, the Cream Classical event at the grandest venue of all, Liverpool Cathedral. This is always one of the highlights of the year for our photography team, the light and laser show beamed around this sandstone architectural wonder is a truly special sight.

The lure of shooting a new venue is also just as satisfying, catching The Tea Street Band provide their bass-y electronic vibes to the immaculate surrounds of The Shankly Hotel was a delightful juxtaposition.

Elsewhere, Arts Club provided a few highlights for us this month, The Blinders brought their politically infused brand of punk to the loft, along with professional footballer Chelcee Grimes swapping her day job to deliver a stunning performance of catchy dream pop.

Stealing Sheep new album promises Big Wows – listen to new track Jokin’ Me

But things don’t always go the right way for us as photographers. Towards the back end of last month we were at the Echo Arena’s Exhibition Centre for one of the biggest shows in the city when Jack White dropped in on his huge UK tour.

Now, this gig would have been incredible to photograph. But, not only did we not get the opportunity for one of our shooters to capture the gig, White also made each member of the audience give up their mobile phone for the night to prevent anyone taking pics of, or recording the show.

Don’t get us wrong here, we’ve all been there at a gig, when there is that one person who has their mobile phone aloft for the duration, normally blocking the view of anyone else stood around them all night, everyone’s seen this, and we’re sure we can collectively agree, that person is a pain in the arse.

But, to ban everyone from capturing a memory of the night they have been waiting so long, and paid good money, for is taking it to the extreme. White for example is undeniably a music megastar, there will be those in the crowd who have been fans from the very early White Stripes days, and a chance to see him play live again could be very slim.

Obviously there are two sides to this, and there will always be those who agree with this stance, but it will be interesting to see if any others follow suit in this day and age, when most events are recorded and uploaded in an instant, with photos from both pit photographers, and audience members liked and shared far and wide. 

So, anyway, here are the best moments captured form our gang of togs from the past month, enjoy.




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