Lord Huron, Malena Zavala: Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool


Lord Huron

Lord Huron brought their unique blend of rock and folk music to the Invisible Wind Factory and Getintothis’ Sarah Pitman was there to take it all in.

Having never played in Liverpool before Lord Huron remarked at how beautiful they found the city and how the crowd that came out to see them was bigger than they were expecting.

As the house music went down and the stage lights went up, support act Malena Zavala and her band greeted the awaiting audience with some funky guitar solos. These solos transitioned into more mellow dreamy pop songs coming from Malena’s debut album Aliso.

Malena commented on how cold it was, revealing to the crowd that she was wearing 2 full outfits. With the Invisible Wind Factory being an old warehouse it was almost as cold inside the building as outside. It’s safe to say the winter weather has definitely arrived.

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Travelling all the way across the ocean from sunny Los Angeles, Lord Huron were taken aback by the size of the crowd that stood before them, eager to hear them play.

They packed in as many songs as possible from their back catalogue of songs to songs from their new album Vide Noir. Taking us on a poetic journey from the harmonica solos of Ghost on the shores to the rock-heavy Ancient Names (part 2).

On the first day of their tour in Copenhagen lead singer, Ben Schneider received a call from back home in LA to say his car which he had had for 13 years had been stolen.

A few days later he received another call to tell him his car had been found, the licence plates removed but they left the stereo.

The detective told him they had removed all the drugs but the thieves had left behind a glass of wine. Schneider went on to say these where the classier thieves he has heard of and said he ‘can’t wait to drink the shit out of that wine’ when he gets home.

The track The Night We Met was used in the Netflix series 13 Reason Why.

Referencing the scene from which it’s used Ben Schneider said he hears it’s a good song to kiss to. It was noticeable that a few people had come down just to hear that band play this track, with a few people leaving as soon as the band had finished playing the song.





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