SOPHIE adds Liverpool date at 24 Kitchen Street

SOPHIE plays 24 Kitchen Street

SOPHIE plays 24 Kitchen Street

As SOPHIE prepares for a Liverpool date, Getintohtis’ Banjo looks at the story so far.

Musical polymath SOPHIE is a rare jewel.  Her work so far includes solo music, collaborations and sterling production with a number of artists.

Her work with Let’s Eat Grandma is partly responsible for their last album being the thing of near perfect beauty that it undoubtedly is and her own releases have been gathering momentum in terms of impact and popularity.

SOPHIE’s debut album, The Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides, was released this year and seems destined to feature in countless end of year polls in a few months time. In short, it would seem that SOPHIE’s time is now.

Using the likes of Ableton to produce her music, SOPHIE likens the way she makes music to sculpture, layering sounds in a studio setting rather than writing or jamming in a more conventional method.  The result is ultra-modern, sparkling pop music and shimmering with intelligence.

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Until recently, she has been secretive about her own voice and look. She developed a habit of masking her voice during interviews and, at one DJ set, she posed as a bodyguard while a drag performer mimed along to a pre-recorded mix.  It is only around the time of her album that SOPHIE decided to drop the veil of secrecy and face the world as herself.

All of this marks SOPHIE out as an imaginative and intriguing presence.  What form her live performance will take is anyone’s guess, but we here at Getintothis would put money on it not being a traditional pop gig.  It would seem we have a performer here who sees her music, her image and her art as part of the same whole, and someone with an innate flair for the individual.

Whether you’re a fan of SOPHIE‘s or a fan of pop music, you can see what all the fuss is about at 24 Kitchen Street on Saturday October 20.

It is likely that those lucky enough to be in attendance at this sold out gig will remember it for a long time. Be there so you can boast to your grandchildren about it later on.




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