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Day Wave

Day Wave

After a brief summer hiatus, Getintothis’ Matthew Wood returns with a truckload of new music for you get chomping on. 

Single of the Week

Day WaveStill Let You Down

Jackson Phillips has been recording under the moniker Day Wave since 2015, turning to his good friends to help emulate his breezy guitar pop in a live setting.

The Oakland, California resident marks his return with another blissful entry, Still Let You Down, which glows like the promise of a long summer day, his dulcet falsetto providing a sugary kick.

Each melody he weaves is deeply infectious; his verses better than most choruses, his choruses are somewhat sublime.


London sextet, ALASKALSKA offer a very rewarding listening experience. Their sound is a slick amalgamation of alt rock and curious, powerful pop fusing rich melodies, soothing synths and heavy grooves.

Owed to the band’s size, and the lyrical prowess of Lucinda John-Duarte who manages to sound like every member of Warpaint simultaneously, they afford themselves a great capacity for range and variance in their compositions.

Monster begins with earthy, organic chugs of guitar, that sit awaiting the arrival of a voice, and it arrives splendidly, meandering effortlessly and supplying a desirable cadence in John-Duarte’s heartfelt utterances.

Synths are fully unleashed and the raging shimmer of a ride cymbal sends this one into a brief but tremendous  great crescendo that arrives late, but is all the more rewarding in doing so.

Eli SmartMelanie 

The romantic tale of Eli Smart takes another favourable turn through his latest output: a seductive slacker effort drenched in sunlight.

The Vryll Society Course Of The Satellite album playback: Jacaranda Records Phase One, Liverpool

The talented, Hawaiian youngster came to Liverpool to hone his craft, and his progress is evident already. On Melanie, Smart combines woozy chords, a strutting bass and DeMarco-esque vocals as he takes the helm and plays every instrument himself.

While he’s out to prove his worth, Smart demonstrates here that he doesn’t want to try too hard, allowing an effortlessness to settle like dust over his compositions: loose, free and easy, and a another breezy step in the right direction.

All Them WitchesFishbelly 86 Onions

A year on since their fourth studio LP, Sleeping Through The War,  hard-hitting experimental psych quartet, All Them Witches return with new supplies in ATW.

With their sound truly refined and their place as contemporary psychedelic titans pretty much cemented by this point, the Nashville quartet choose a woodland cabin as their home for their recording process, tucked away in Kingston Falls, self-produced by guitarist Ben McLeod.

Fishbelly 86 Onions builds on a repeated motif, stopping only to allow lead vocalist Michael Parks Jr. to offer bluesy spoken word utterances like a somewhat laconic beat poet.

At 6 minutes in length there’s plenty of room for some mind-melting solo work, each member taken their cue and letting rip with an experimental montage via their weapon of choice.

Sneers – For Humanity To Rest

It was tricky to choose a single from Sneers‘ Heaven Will Rescue Us, We’re The Scum, We’re In The Sun, the full record is like approaching the works of JRR Tolkien.

Within its confines are moments of great beauty, serene and mesmeric, while other sections bubble like a sinister brew in a cauldron, shrouded in darkness and mystery with plenty to decode and an added eeriness arriving through the spooky, quivering vocals.

For Humanity To Rest is one of the gentler moments, arriving immediately after the devilish No Man Is Poetry, a blood curdling march into the depths of human emotion, Sneers balance this out with a track that glows with energy, rattling percussion and a deep, warming drone, like a moment of respite by a well-stoked camp fire.

DāM-FunK In The City

Damon Garrett Riddick goes by the stage name DāM-FunK, and the Cali-born musician, producer and vocalist has certainly earned the pseudonym.

Signed to the legendary Stones Throw record company, home to such enduring classics as J Dilla’s Donuts, Madvillainy (Mad Lib and MF Doom) and more recently collaborations between Mild High Club and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.

Taken from the recently release Architecture II, In The City is a very retro feeling piece of music, owing much to the decade that brought us the New Wave scene, crisp synthesisers are a driving force in this one.

A constant blissfulness oversees proceedings, the tightest of hi-hats, twinkling melodies and an addictive funk bass line are all DāM-FunK needs to create something, well… DAMN FUNKY.




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