Liam Gallagher, Richard Ashcroft, Bugzy Malone, Twisted Wheel: Old Trafford Cricket Ground, Manchester

Liam Gallagher Old Trafford Cricket Ground

Liam Gallagher at Old Trafford Cricket Ground

Liam Gallagher made a sensational appearance at Old Trafford Cricket Ground on Saturday night, Getintothis’ Amos Wynn was there for the special hometown gig.

Since making his return last year, the younger Gallagher brother has released an exceptional debut solo album, As You Were, and has been touring the world with both his new material and some Oasis classics.

It was only right that Liam played his biggest solo show to date in his own city. When you think of Manchester’s music scene, you can’t help but associate it with Gallagher snarling with passion and power down the mic.

He swaggered on stage, to chants of ‘Champions’ to mark Man City’s successes no doubt, and then to Fuckin in the bushes as fans could see his walk to the stage on the big screens.

In the month that marks 22 years since the historic Knebworth gig, you couldn’t help feeling like you were back in those Oasis days with chants of ‘Liam’ being constant throughout the night.

With Gallagher thriving from the crowd’s love, he belted out Rock ‘n Roll Star to kick off his set; how else could he?

It was exciting to hear classic songs like that and Morning Glory being played with 50,000 singing back like their lives depended on it.

There was a place for B-side Listen Up in the set, Gallagher delivering the lyrics with the complete passion that makes him the front man he is.

A few months ago, Gallagher promised a fan on Twitter he would play Champagne Supernova at the Old Trafford gig, and he didn’t disappoint.

With only a piano to play the classic song, it was a special rendition of the track with Gallagher’s delivery being exceptional on his first performance of the song since his Oasis days.

Whilst the Oasis songs will always be special to the fans, Gallagher has begun a whole new chapter to his career with his solo stuff, which has also proved very popular.

The likes of Bold and the poignant For What It’s Worth sounded impeccable live and were also greeted by fans singing along in full voice.

Meanwhile Wall of Glass slips into his set alongside his Oasis stuff effortlessly, with it simply being a great rock ‘n’ roll tune.

A special treat for the crowd was Gallagher being joined by ex-Oasis pal, Bonehead. Seeing those two-play classics like Supersonic and Some Might Say was stunning, whilst Cigarettes and Alcohol still has the power it always had.

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He ended his set with one of Oasis’ best-known tracks, Wonderwall. Everyone inside the cricket ground was singing along, as a great night drew to a close.

Returning to the stage for an encore, Gallagher treated fans to yet another B-side. D’Yer Wanna be a Spaceman sounded excellent, with Liam‘s dreams being far from over.

As did the final song Live Forever. The Definitely Maybe track was a wonderful way to end, with Gallagher  sounding as good as he did for the entire evening.

Liam Gallagher Old Trafford Cricket Ground

Liam Gallagher Old Trafford Cricket Ground

The night was truly a showcase of the great music Manchester has produced; with the first two support acts showing that it continues to today.

Opening the evening was recently reformed four-piece, Twisted Wheel. The Saddleworth band put together a solid set, with tracks from their old albums as well as recent EP, Jonny Guitar.

Manchester Grime artist, Bugzy Malone, followed and set what would be a great atmosphere throughout the night, with the crowd bouncing through all of his tracks.

Last year the 27-year old featured at the We Are Manchester gig, and dedicated one of his tracks to the families of the Arena bombing victims, stating “we stick together.”

The final support act was a real treat for fans, with Brit-pop legend Richard Ashcroft taking to the stage.

With songs from his Verve days as wells as his solo career, Ashcroft produced a brilliant set with his material sounding as fresh as ever.

Tracks like Lucky Man and Drugs Don’t Work sounded fantastic with the Old Trafford crowd singing them back.

Finishing on Bitter sweet Symphony, there was no better way to set Gallagher up as the main event.

Ashcroft praised Gallagher, showing his pleasure at his return and to see such a big gathering.

At the end of Gallagher’s set, the former Verve man joined him on stage, paying tribute being paid to the 22 victims who lost their lives at the Manchester bombings, with the Manchester bee logo appearing on screens across the ground.

There was also a tribute to Aretha Franklin, with a picture of her appearing behind Gallagher for what was a nice nod to the singer.

Overall, the Old Trafford gig was a great event, with each and every song being enjoyed by both old and young; those who were first timers and those who have discovered the brilliance of Oasis since.

The night certainly belonged to Liam Gallagher, as he showed what music was missing when he wasn’t there. To describe the night in his own words, ‘BIBLICAL.’




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