Singles Club #179

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Photo Credit: Artist's Facebook

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Photo Credit: Artist’s Facebook

This week’s Singles Club sees another Australian outfit carve the way for psychedelia alongside notable numbers from Manchester and the Nashville folk scene, Getintothis’ Matthew Wood brings the scoop.

Single of the Week

Psychedelic Porn CrumpetsCornflake

You can perhaps take a guess at how Psychedelic Porn Crumpets are going to sound just by their name; are they psychedelic? yes! Are they pornographic? Well, not in this instance but their tunes are damn seductive and they’ll go down as easy as a hot, buttered crumpet that’s for sure.

They’ve already shared stages with King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard and Black Mountain, tearing up the Aussie scene with their monstrous, melodic medleys.

Cornflake will recall images of the legendary Hendrix, dripping with cool through a vintage filter, as well as owing much to big riff specialists such as Foals and Royal Blood through its heavy rhythm section and a groove you can’t help but lock into instantaneously.

The IrenesPaper Thin Excuses

Liverpool quartet The Irenes brandish a confidence and swagger that oft arrives hand in hand with youthful acts whose inspiration stems from big hitters like Kasabian and Arctic Monkeys; they’re channeling their heroes and have their eyes set on the big stage.

Paper Thin Excuses is the debut single from the lads and it’s a solid start, having already burst onto the local live scene with a launch party at Studio 2 and selling out their first ever gig last year, their fan base is growing, and fast.

Hammered out bar chords, catchy riffs and rapid fire Matt Helders-esque fills offer a throwback to when great monolithic records like Whatever People Say I Am… and Empire came to being, but they’ll be looking to prove their idols Tom Meighan and Serge Pizzorno wrong, who felt the need to tell the world that ‘newer bands aren’t good enough for headline slots‘.

That’s easy to say for them who’ve been sitting atop of their ‘lad rock’ tower for the last decade or so and its probably time for them to be knocked from their perch. Chase the dream fellas.

Boy BjornAlone At The Severance

Nashville’s Brian Holl has made his mark as one half of electronic-folk duo Foreign Fields, stubborn to the overriding Nashville sound of Americana folk rock and instead opting for a more pensive, philosophical approach to their song-writing, and Holl furthers this in his side project, Boy Bjorn.

Holl addresses his younger self through his lyrics after a life-changing episode that left him with a newly found self-affirmation and clarity, mirroring this in the beauty of his electronic soundscapes.

A track produced out of those evenings spent digging deep into the caverns of reality and shovelling out elements of the self, Boy Bjorn’s approach is deeply personal, but ultimately very accessible.


Enter Shikari announce UK tour including Liverpool date


In the run up to his debut record, Psychic Data, TVAM offers up this hefty dose of psych that shoots for the stratosphere.

Glittering synths welcome us aboard like the Miramax intro to a 90’s VCR, sweetly distorted and warped to give a retro feel. These Are Not Your Memories about to kick back upon a bed of synths though, and it bursts to life; thoroughly guitar-charged and saturated with mind-bending musical motifs.

TVAM will play EBGBs on November 10, that’s bound to be a cracker.

Video NastiesViva Deth

Here’s another local act particularly for you metal heads. You may find Video Nasties lurking in Toxteth Cemetery conjuring dark tricks or, more likely, throwing sweaty shapes on-stage to the rhythm of their own double-kick pedal.

Whipping up a brutal concoction of 90’s grunge, punk and screamo, Viva Deth is a gruesome march brimming with sinister rasps of the oesophagus that splatter across devilish barre chords and debilitating, rumbling fills.




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